VK market platform – what is it and how to use it

On the social network VKontakte, you can advertise in different ways. Besides the usual targeted advertising there is also a format for advertising in communities. For advertising in the latter, the VK market platform was launched in December 2017. Through this service, advertisers can submit advertising publications to suitable communities, and community owners can monetize their public pages.

Thanks to this, the need to negotiate accommodation with the public administrator has disappeared – to negotiate the price, placement time, and sometimes design requirements.

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How the VK market platform works

The market platform works as follows:

1. Public owners are registered in the system. As a result, there is a database of publics of various kinds and subjects.

2. Advertiser through the advertising account can create an entry for publication in someone else’s public. Then – choose a suitable community from this base and send an application for publishing your record.

The system offers publics itself, based on the theme set by the advertiser, budget, region, desired coverage, age and gender of subscribers. For the community administrator, the task is also simplified – he does not need to do anything at all, since the entry will be placed in the group automatically. Posts are accepted for the next free time, taking into account that at least an hour has passed after the next advertisement is released.

In short, the advertiser pays the administrator for posting his post in his public through a secure and automated system, saving time and frustration.

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How to use the VKontakte market platform

Let’s take a closer look at how advertisers and community administrators work with the market platform.

For advertiser

To get started with the platform, you need to go to your advertising office on the “Market platform” tab.

Then you can immediately start creating an advertising record.

You can create it from scratch (a regular post with text and attachments) or repost posts from your community. The latter option is suitable for those who want to promote their community – reposts of contests, for example, can go well.

Creating an advertising post on the platform

Name the post for convenience and give the campaign title. After that, the post will need to be sent for review, which takes about 2 hours.

Important! To send a post for moderation, and generally work with the platform, you need to fund your account. Your account must have at least 150 rubles.

Once a post is moderated, you can post it to communities.

To do this, you need to set the necessary parameters in order to filter out the ideal publics for you. To minimize budget drain, try to be as precise as possible. Indicate daily coverage, gender, age of participants, topic of group or pages. Also, you must set the date of posting.

The system selects and shows you those groups that fit the parameters you specified, and which have free advertising slots for the specified time (that is, free advertising spaces).

Site selection

If you don’t like the proposed community, you can hide it from the list, or ask to replace it. You can easily post to multiple communities at once – so it gets more reach.

Just think how much work and negotiation you would have to do to do it manually. The benefits of the market platform are obvious.

The only problem – there is no search here. So if you are interested in a particular community, you will have to contact the admin directly.

What’s next?

As soon as you clicked the “Post” button, a place for your entry is booked in the communities you selected. If the admin suddenly doesn’t like it, he can reject it. You can also cancel the application if the time does not suit you.

After the post is published, you will receive a notification by mail and SMS. Then it remains to track the statistics of the entry through the advertising cabinet.

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For community owner

If you want to make money on your community, you can connect it to the market platform. To do this, your public must meet several conditions:

  • be created at least a month ago;
  • the average daily community coverage is at least 20,000.

Go to your community management and see if you have a Monetization section. If there is, you can make money on the market platform. If not, then you know in which direction you need to work a little more.

Monetizing the VK public

If there is a section, you can start setting the settings. The first step is to change the status to “Applications are accepted”. Indicate the cost of recording, the topic of the community. You can leave a comment for advertisers – for example, that you do not accept advertising posts with an abundance of emoticons.

That’s all – in 2 minutes you have prepared the community to accept other people’s posts. Now all that remains is to accept applications from advertisers.

Then everything is simple. If any of the advertisers offer you a listing, you will receive a notification. Through this notification, you can see the date and time of publication.

You can view the post itself in the menu: Monetization – Applications from advertisers, or in deferred posts. If you don’t like it, you can reject it. If you do not reject it, it will publish itself without your participation. You will also receive a notification about this.

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Important points:

  • within an hour after the release of the advertising post, you can not publish anything in your community;
  • during the day you cannot delete an ad post.

The money for the publication will be credited to you 24 hours after its release.

The VK market platform has greatly simplified the cooperation of advertisers and public administrators. Both the first and the second require a minimum of effort, since the processes are fully automated. The purchase of advertising on the market platform is suitable for both promoting publics and promotion of events in VK

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