VK mentions – what is it and how to follow it if you are a large brand

Mentioning VKontakte is a feature introduced in 2012 and used by both ordinary users and SMM specialists. Mention can be used to send a notification to any network user. When we are mentioned, an alert lights up in the “bell” – by clicking on it, you can see who mentioned and in which message or post.

This article will show you how to create a mention and how to find all notifications related to yourself.

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How to make a mention of VK

A social network allows you to mention a person or a community. Let’s consider both cases.


Find out the ID (identification number) of the user account (or “pretty” page name that replaces the ID).

Make a “formula”: in the text of the post, write the user ID, put a straight vertical line (without spaces) and write a name or other appeal to the user, which will be visually displayed. Put everything in square brackets. It looks like this:

How to mention a person on VKontakte

Immediately after clicking on “Send”, the mentioned person will receive a notification, and your “formula” will be converted into a beautiful link.

It is worth talking about a couple more ways to mention a VK person. First, we do this whenever we click “reply” in the comments. Secondly (and this can also be used in private messages), mentions are available by clicking the asterisk or the @ dog.

How to make Mentions on VKontakte

True, there it will be possible to select only a person from the list of your friends, conversation participants or commentators on the same page.

Groups or communities

Community mentioning is done in a similar way. Find out the identifier or short name of the page.

How to make a group mention

We compose a script by analogy with the one described above.

We send.

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How to find a mention of VKontakte


When you are mentioned, a red number appears on a bell at the top of the page. Just click on it to see a fresh notification.

How to find a mention of VKontakte

The following method will help you see all of your related mentions. At the bottom of the open notification panel, click Show All.

See all mentions

Then in the side menu on the right, select the “Answers” item

In order to be able to quickly get to the page of interest in the future, you can save it to bookmarks:


To track community mentions, you need to go to your group or public, and then click on the “Events” button.

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Mention tracking services

The next way is not just searching for mentions in discussions and news, it is tracking all possible mentions. This approach is usually used by brands that want to collect all mentions and comments about their company from social networks at once.



Allows you to track mentions of VKontakte and other popular sites. When a mention is received, it sends an alert via the selected channel – e-mail, WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack or Viber.

There are tariffs from 290 to 1900 rubles per month. Free trial period for 5 days is provided.



The service tracks not only mentions sent with @, but also searches by keywords. A valuable way to get customer feedback. Supports integration with all popular social networks and detailed analytics with reports. It is noteworthy that YouScan is used by some large corporations such as Yandex or Coca Cola.

Tariffs – from 35 to 350 thousand rubles per month with a smart notification system and automatic collection of references from selected channels.



Supports six social networks. Searches for mentions, posts, comments, keywords. It offers one of the widest choice of tariffs, as well as the ability to agree on an individual tariff for yourself. The cost varies from 190 rubles / month (for 1 connected community) to 5500 rubles / month (for 100 communities). Any of the options is available for a free trial for 7 days.



Monitors mentions of VK and other social networks, performs marketing analysis, compares with competitors. A powerful tool for brand promotion and statistics collection.

The starting rate for 7900 rubles / month includes work with only one user and three monitoring topics.



One of the new tools for processing customer requests in social networks. Displays all mentions and comments in one window, allows you to quickly respond to them without switching between ten windows.

The service is used by Sberbank, Panda Digital and a number of other large companies. Tariffs are selected individually according to the situation.

The listed services are safe to use, since they do not ask to provide passwords to accounts. The interaction is based on the API, the data is transmitted using a secure SSL connection. In addition, the systems are approved by social media developers as secure.

We hope this material helped you to more conveniently organize the interaction between the brand and the audience through such a popular social network as VKontakte.

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