VK Messenger tests encrypted calls on a desktop

VK Messenger for desktop began testing secure voice and video calls. You can call any VK user who has updated VK Messenger to the latest version or installed the VK mobile application for iOS or Android.

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Call security is ensured by end-to-end encryption. Since it takes place on the user’s device, no one can find out the content of the conversations. Getting access to information outside the device is technically impossible. To improve the quality of communication, Peer-to-Peer routes are given the highest priority: the connection goes directly between users. If there is no direct connection, traffic is transmitted through VK servers without the technical ability to access the content of the conversations.

The call service determines the quality of the connection and adapts to it. The ICE protocol (Interactive Connectivity Establishment) is responsible for this technology. It builds the most optimal routes for calls, eliminates delays and significantly increases stability.

Viktor Ivanov, product manager for VKontakte, commented on the update:

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Holidays are the time for long conversations with loved ones. In this case, it is more convenient to use a computer rather than a telephone for making calls. Therefore, on the eve of the New Year, we provide our users with the opportunity to communicate with comfort – and add voice and video calls to VK Messenger. The features are currently in beta testing, but soon we will offer new useful features that will make conversations even more enjoyable.“.

VK Messenger is the official VK messenger that runs on Windows, macOS and Linux. Here users can create chats, exchange any attachments, send animated stickers and audio messages. Administrators of VKontakte communities can connect messages for groups and public pages and flexibly configure. Unique features are available in VK Messenger: for example, you can set a local password for the messenger and hide conversations from prying eyes with one touch of the screen.

We also wrote that VKontakte added the “Articles” section to the community settings

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