VK retargeting. How to create an audience and set up retargeting for it


If, after launching an advertising campaign, you want to improve its effectiveness, then one of the ways to do this is retargeting VKontakte.

We understand the possibilities of retargeting in VK, the available types of retargeting and its setting.

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What is VK retargeting and how it works

Retargeting Is a tool that allows you to target advertisements to a specific, pre-formed audience.

Creature retargeting audiences, perhaps in one of the ways:

  • loading users from a file. You can download user data (phones, email) or collect using a VK parser;
  • using the VK pixel installed on the website or in the mobile application;
  • using dynamic retargeting;
  • QR code;
  • collect by actions in ad entries;
  • search for a similar audience.

Example: 1000 visitors per day visit the company’s website. 10 leave a request and the remaining 990 leave. In order not to lose these people, we use retargeting – we mark them with a pixel and now we can show our ads. Let’s figure out how to do it.

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Setting up VKontakte retargeting for a website

Create a retargeting audience

Consider creating a retargeting audience using a pixel and further customizing ads for websites.

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Step 1. Go to the VKontakte advertising account and go to the “Retargeting” section.

Step 2. Creating a pixel retargeting in VK. Click the Pixels tab and click the Create Pixel button.

Come up with a name for the pixel, specify the domain and theme of the site where the pixel will be placed to gather an audience. Click Create.

Step 3. Installing a pixel on the site. The pixel is created! Copy the code and install it on your site. To do this, place the embed code between the tags …

Step 4. Now the social network VKontakte will start tagging every visitor to your site. And we need to set up the audience to which we are going to target in the future.

Go back to the Audiences tab and click Create Audience.

Step 5… Audience formation rules. We write the name of the audience and select the pixel.

Now you need to set the rules for the formation of the audience and parameters.


  • We select all site visitors or users who have visited certain pages.
  • The audience gathering period is from 3 days to 2 years.


If we select “Users who visited certain pages”, then the “Parameters” section will be displayed below, where you need to specify the URLs of these pages.

Example: Our site has an “Advertising” page. If we want to set up retargeting in VK to those who visited this page, we indicate the address of this page. In the same way, you can divide your audience by what they viewed on your site, [строительство домов] or [отделка помещений], and create a separate ad specifically for each group.

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Create ads

notethat after installing the VK pixel on the site, it will take some time to gather an audience – it must be at least 100 people. When this condition is met, you can start creating targeted ads.

Step 6… We return to the first page of the ad account and click “Create ad”.

We choose any of the advertising formats: advertising in the feed or on the website pages. We will select “Site Advertising”.

Step 7… We create a creative. We indicate the advertised link, upload the picture, write the title and description.

Below, in the settings of the target audience, we find the item “Additional parameters” and in the field “Retargeting audiences” select our audience.

After selecting the audience, the forecast of the budget and coverage of the advertising campaign in VK will be shown on the right.

Step 8… Finally, we set the cost of the transition, place of display and write the name of the advertising campaign. Below we click “Create an ad”.

The advertisement will go to moderation and the ad will start showing immediately after it passes. This usually takes from several hours to one day.

Other ways to collect VK retargeting audience

We’ve described how to create a pixel-based retargeting audience and run ads on it. Now, let’s take a quick look at other ways to build an audience.

Community parsing

You can also collect an audience for retargeting using parsers. Special services for collecting data on specified parameters. More: Parsers of groups in VK.

With the help of parsers, you can collect a huge user base by configuring the necessary filters. For example, you can collect all the followers of competitors or residents of a certain city.

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After that, the assembled list is loaded as a file.

Loading from file

Click “Create audience – Load from file”. Next, click the “Select file” button.

Here you can use the contact database of your customers: email, phone numbers, mobile advertising identifiers or VKontakte user IDs (audience collected using a parser). You need to download it in .CSV or .TXT format. File size no more than 20 MB. The file may contain.

Similar audience

If you want to form a similar audience, then you should already have a ready audience, in which there are more than 1000 users.

In the “Retargeting” section, open the “Similar Audiences” tab and click the “Find Similar Audience” button.

In the window that opens, select the source audience. Searching for a similar audience will take from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the load. After completing the search, you will be able to select the accuracy / reach and unload the audience.

Actions with ads

Also, as a retargeting audience, you can select users who saw your ad or took action with it.

To do this, when setting up an advertising campaign, in the section “Setting up audience preservation”, we come up with a name for the saved audience and select the collection principle: click, view, or something else.

Also, you can use QR code and dynamic retargeting to create an audience.

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So, if you want to achieve a higher return on your ads, you need to use VK retargeting.

Even if you don’t convert the visit into a lead the first time, then you will have a second chance in the form of retargeting 🙂

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