VK video maker: how to make a video in 5 minutes

VKontakte presented a video constructor. The function is available to all users in the advertising account and works in the mode beta, based on SUPA video constructor.

Now, everyone, using layouts, will be able to create short videos. In order to present your goods and services in video format, it will take no more than 5 minutes.

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Let’s figure out how everything works and how to work with it.

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Detailed instructions for creating a video in the video constructor in VK

Step 1. To make a video in the video constructor, go to the VKontakte advertising account, find a new tab “Video constructor” and click on it (the function is not yet available in partner advertising accounts).

Step 2. On the page that opens, in the center of the screen, click on the line “Create first video”.

Create your first video

Step 3. Aspect ratio… On the newly opened page, we need to decide what format our video will be. There are three options:

  • square (1080×1080 pixels) – a universal option for displaying on smartphones and desktop;
  • rectangular (1280×720 pixels) – better suited for viewing on a desktop;
  • vertical (720×1280 px) – the mobile version, which is gaining more and more popularity.
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Let’s stay with the usual horizontal format and choose “Rectangle”.

Choosing the aspect ratio of the video

Step 4. Slide duration. The minimum duration of one slide on the screen is 2 seconds, the maximum is 20. You can add up to 10 slides.

To make the video look more dynamic, we left 2 seconds per slide.

Slide duration

Step 5. Transition. Here we set up what effect will be applied when changing slides on the screen. Can choose:

  • no animation;
  • transparency;
  • flash.

To prevent the video from being too monotonous and at the same time not too catchy, we will focus on the “Transparency” effect.

Adding a transition effect

Step 6. Music. At the moment, you can choose the music for the video from 20 standard audio tracks, kindly provided by the social network VKontakte.

We will not give advice on a specific audio recording, choose what you like or what suits the video content more. By clicking on the Play button next to the name of the song, you can listen to it in full.

Choosing music for a video in VK

If you do not like anything or nothing of the proposed options suits you, you can select “Do not use music” (most users watch videos without sound anyway).

Step 7. Slides. To add a slide, click on the plus sign in the center of the dotted square.

Add a slide

A plate will appear where there are two levels of editing: the content of the slide (1) and how it will be displayed (2).

  • Automatic settings – here you can change the slide duration and transition effect.

Step 8. Editing the slide. When you click on the “Edit” button on the slide plate, a pop-up window will appear, where you can customize the appearance of the slide. Let’s quickly go over all the points:

  • Slide filling – color or image (can be downloaded from a computer or from a library);
  • Slide text – your message no more than 50 characters long;
  • Font – here you can select a font, its style, size, and text alignment;
  • Text color – what color the font will be;
  • Background color below the text;
  • Alignment of the block with the text on the slide – you can adjust using the grid or move the element manually by clicking it with the mouse.
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Finally, click “Save”. Here’s what we got.

Use the same principle to create the following slides. Any slide can also be deleted by hovering over it with the mouse and clicking on the cross that appears in the upper right corner.

Step 9. Save your work. When you are done with your video, you can save it as a video and as a layout. What are the differences? A video is a finished product for end use, a mockup is a template by which you can make the following videos, changing only the content in it.

We save the video created in the VK video constructor

When saving a video created in the constructor, you need to come up with a name for it and indicate which community it belongs to (will appear in the video section).

Step 10. Launch video advertising. After this video, the video will be processed for some time and will receive an appropriate status, which will then change to “Create ads”.

Click on this button and go to setting targeted advertising on VKontakte

Video ideas for which the VK video creator is useful

How to use the VKontakte video constructor in practice and what ideas can be implemented with its help? Let’s think about a few options:

  • presentation of a new collection;
  • presentation of a new product – we show the product itself, its capabilities and examples of use;
  • we tell our subscribers about news, promotions, discounts;
  • we make small training videos to engage the audience;
  • we create a video for the retargeting audience in VK – with questions why you haven’t left a request yet or you forgot to pick up your gift on our website.
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How will you use the new VKontakte video maker? Share your inspiration in the comments.

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PS Earlier VK launched a new targeting – “Community Activity”and also presented new video player

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