VKontakte added a schedule for displaying ads

Starting today, you can set up the schedule for displaying ads on VKontakte. In the settings, you can choose the days and hours in which your advertising campaign will run.

The new functionality can be used when creating or editing any advertisements. By specifying the desired set of days and hours, you can show your offer at the moment when it is most relevant to the target audience.

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How to set the display time for VK ads

The schedule of impressions can be configured for both existing advertising campaigns and new ones.

For existing go to the ad account, find the required ad, go into it and click “Edit”. We find the item “Time of ad impressions” – it is located between the settings of the saved audience and the price settings. For new – just fill in all the settings items in order and before setting the rates, set the display time.

To create a display schedule, you need to select the required range of hours and days in the table. Or choose one of the standard options:

  • “My time” – arbitrary time for displaying ads. We mark the days and hours in which your ad will be shown. One checked box assumes a show for one hour.
  • “Last thing” – if you configured the display time for the previous AC and want to use it for the new one, select this item to automatically export the necessary settings.
  • “Working” – cells are allocated for impressions from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 19:00 Moscow time.
  • “Weekends” – cells are allocated for shows on Saturday and Sunday from 00:00 to 23:59 Moscow time.
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Please note that Moscow time for impressions is set by default and cannot be changed. Take this into account when setting up an ad for regions.

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How to use run times

Schedule ad impressions is not at all the same as adjusting bids in Yandex.Directwhere we raise or lower rates at a specific time. In the case of VK, we completely disable or enable advertising. Therefore:

  1. Choose the time when the representatives of your target audience are most inclined to buy: business lunch from 11.00 to 16.00, food delivery on weekdays from 17.00 to 24.00 and on weekends.
  2. In order not to lose customers during low activity, create a duplicate of the ad, set the display time, which is disabled in the main campaign, and simply lower the bid.

Recall that recently VK started testing the monetization of articlesand also added the ability RSS export for communities

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