VKontakte added recommendations to the section with music

A new tab “For You” has appeared in the VKontakte music section. It contains recommendations based on the user’s musical tastes.

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More about the section with the recommendation of music in VK:

  • At the very top there is a block “Musicians for You” – it is updated daily. In it you can find new artists you are interested in. Here you can meet not only artists close in direction to those that you are already listening to, but also those who are listened to by other users along with the artists in your tracklist.
  • Below you can find two personal playlists. Their content is individual for each user. The playlist “Today” is updated every day at exactly 00:00 and contains 100 tracks. The playlist “Week” also contains 100 tracks, which are collected based on your listens in the last days.
  • Below is a block with recently listened tracks. It will help you see what your personal playlists are based on.
  • In the near future, announcements of upcoming concerts of your favorite artists and user groups will also appear in this tab.
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The new section is available on the web and in the iPhone app. It will appear on Android a little later.

Earlier in VKontakte it became possible to pay for goods by credit card, as well as callback buttons for chat bots.

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