VKontakte allowed adding links to products, polls or other materials in live broadcasts

Now you can add links to products, polls or other materials in broadcasts – they will open right during the broadcast.

Customers will be able to add products to the cart, vote or share posts with friends with one touch, and you can follow the reaction of the audience using statistics. The new function is available for live broadcasts created in the VK mobile application.

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How live links work on VKontakte

You can attach a link to the broadcast, which viewers will open with one touch right during the broadcast. Moreover, they will not only easily watch the material, but will also be able to interact with it: for example, put a product in the basket, vote in a poll or share an attached record with friends.

You can add to broadcasts:

  • records from the wall;
  • articles;
  • polls;
  • products;
  • Services;
  • profiles;
  • community.

Only internal VK links are supported. You can add them in broadcasts that were launched in the VK mobile application for Android and iOS. Viewers will also be able to see attached links and follow them in the mobile and web versions of VKontakte.

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How to add a link to a live broadcast in VK

Prepare the necessary links for the broadcast in advance. After that, go to the story camera and switch to Live mode. Click on the paperclip icon at the top of the screen and choose one of the appropriate actions:

  • Add link – allows you to attach materials to the broadcast: your own or other authors. Just copy the link you need in advance – and paste it into the input field. You can also add materials directly from the news feed – select a post and click “Add to story” in the “Share” menu.
  • Add a note – opens a list of publications that are posted on the broadcast author’s page. If you are broadcasting on your own behalf, you will see entries from the profile, if on behalf of the community – its publications.
  • Add product – offers to show viewers the product that you uploaded earlier to your page. If you have not yet created products, do it in the web version of VKontakte.
  • Add poll – helps to create a poll for viewers of live broadcast. To attach an already published vote to the broadcast, use the “Add link” item.

The list of saved links can contain no more than ten links at a time. Make sure the broadcast runs smoothly: recheck the links and replace or remove them if necessary. Then start broadcasting. To attach a link, you will need to click on the paperclip icon, select the desired material and touch the “Share with viewers” button.

How to add a link to a live broadcast in VK

You can start broadcasting without saved links. To add them while chatting with viewers, just click on the paperclip icon and select one of the actions described above. However, in this case, the link will immediately go on air – it can be deleted, but not edited.

When links are attached to the air

As soon as you add a link to the broadcast, viewers will see a notification about it. To view the link, just click on the bar at the bottom of the screen. When someone opens the attached content, a corresponding animation appears in the corner – just like with Likes in Streams.

You can see the number of clicks on the link while it is attached to the air. In the future, the statistics will become more detailed, and will also be available after the broadcast.

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