VKontakte announced a new feature – massive mentions in conversations

VKontakte added the ability to mention all the participants in the conversation at once or only those who are online now.

For mentions, you must use special commands.

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More about the new feature:

  • To mention all participants in the conversation, you need to send the command @all… To mention everyone who is online now, we send @online… You can also use an asterisk – * instead of the @ symbol.
  • This mention allows you to send a notification to the participants in the conversation on the phone, even if they are disabled (if they have not used the item below). Also, when a conversation is mentioned, an @ icon will appear in the dialog list.
  • In the web version, you can turn off such notifications. To do this, go to the conversation settings and select “Except @all and @online” in the “Mention notifications” item.
  • To quickly send a command, you can simply enter @ or * and select the desired item in the list of participants that opens. Alternative commands also work. To mention everyone: * everyone and * everyone. For those who are online: * here, * here, * here.
  • Also, remember that you can send a notification to a specific participant in a conversation by simply typing @ and selecting it from the list.
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Recall that earlier VKontakte added tags for dialogues in communities, and also began testing group video calls in the messenger.

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