VKontakte article editor – learning to publish articles in VK

The new editor of VKontakte articles is now available for all users. Its great advantage is that it is very simple and easy to use. Allows you to start creating articles from the wall on your page or from the news feed and make fairly large publications in just a few clicks. It would be something to write about.

In addition, the editor automatically saves drafts and adds the necessary text indents. And most importantly, the articles are available for viewing even for unregistered users.

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Creating an article in the VK editor

So, to go to the editor of VK articles, we click on the icon directly from the tape or from the wall – the letter T and three horizontal lines of different lengths. Articles can be created, both on behalf of a community or public, and from a personal page.

A page will open where the article is created. By the way, the interface is designed in a minimalistic style and is intuitive. When you first visit a section, tips are shown below.

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Interface and hints

Text formatting

Features of the editor of articles VK:

  • bold font;
  • italics;
  • strikethrough text;
  • adding titles and subheadings;
  • highlighting quotes;
  • inserting hyperlinks.

Buttons are needed to format the text; they appear when you select a piece of text for which you want to change the style.

Text formatting

Inserting images and videos into a VK article

To add an image or video to your post, just click on the plus sign on the right and a small menu will appear where you can choose what you are going to insert:

  • picture;
  • video;
  • gif animation.

Pictures and gifs can be added from your images and documents, as well as downloaded from your computer. Videos can only be attached to those added to your videos.

Article cover or thumbnail

The first image inserted into the article becomes the cover. You can change it before publishing by clicking on the cross next to the one that was added automatically by selecting your own.

Article publication

Further, in the upper right corner we find the publish button, click on it. VK will show us the cover of the article and a link (link format vk.com/@43515536-ok-vk-davai-pisat-statu) by which the article will be available.

We publish an article

We press “Publish”.

How to write articles and texts for a website


Statistics will show what you should pay attention to. All the necessary metrics are considered, including the classic “funnel” – you will find out how many users have mastered the entire text, and how many gave up in the middle.

Articles statistics

For sophisticated readers there are special snippets, a night view and an article section in Bookmarks – a thoughtful study of complex material can be postponed for later.

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You can also add a product from your group in VK to the article

In general, the appearance of the editor of articles in VK is cool! Because you no longer have to struggle with wiki markup to create a page or write a short note. The function has already started to be used by many communities, which suggests that it is useful and helps in group promotion in VK… In addition, the feed article looks much more presentable than the generated wiki page.

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