VKontakte goods store

Complete online store VKontakte can now be launched using the new VKontakte Product Store application.

In order for anyone to order your product or service from the application, you need to allow access to it for community subscribers. But before that, it is better to pre-configure the properties of the goods being sold, delivery conditions, price, and also configure the fields of the purchase order form.

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For those who process incoming orders, for convenience, an internal CRM system has been implemented, where you can view the status of orders, comments and account balances.

Buyers will be able to see the products not only in the order in which they were uploaded by community administrators, as it was before, but also to sort them according to various positions by parameters such as price and availability of the product.

A paid version is also provided, which is equipped with many useful functions, such as extended product cards, with the ability to add more than one photo, the formation of unique links to products, sorting by price, and others.

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