VKontakte has an opportunity to publish posts for close friends

On VKontakte, it became possible to publish posts on your wall for close friends (analogous to the list of close friends on Instagram).

When creating a post, you can choose a circle of close people who will see this publication in the news feed or on your page. For everyone else, the recording will be unavailable Previously, posts could be published either to everyone or only to the entire list of friends.

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How to create a list of “Close friends” in VKontakte and make a post for them

To create a list of close friends on VKontakte, open the mobile application and start creating an entry. At the bottom left, click where it says “Visible to all.”

A plate will open where you can create a list of close friends. To do this, click on the button, as shown in the screenshot below.

How to make a list of

After that, you can add friends from your friends list or from conversations. Can add no more than 100 people… Finally, click “Save”.

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How to add a friend to close friends in VK

If you did everything correctly, then at the bottom left you will see “For loved ones” instead of “Visible to all”. Any post with such privacy settings will only be seen by close friends.

How to make a post for close friends on VKontakte

How it works:

  • Publication for close friends is currently only available in the mobile application, in the desktop version this feature will appear later.
  • You can choose one of the conversations as close friends. In this case, the record will be seen by all friends who are in the selected conversation. The publication will not be available to other chat participants who are not friends with you.
  • You can change your circle of close friends at any time. But there is an important point: if you publish a new recording with a new lineup of close friends, they will all see the old recordings.
  • Close friends who have access to the post will not see who else is seeing the post.
  • The selected privacy setting is saved. If you want to make the next post public, select “Visible to all”.

Earlier, VKontakte updated the repost counter, and also added a “Recommend” button for communities.

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