VKontakte has expanded the circle of users who can shoot “Clips”

Filming your videos for the Clips service has become available to some users – update the VK application and check if the camera has appeared in the Clips section. If not yet, don’t worry – she’ll be there in the coming days.

UPD: we have already published the corresponding articleHow to shoot a video in VK

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More details about all features and details:

  • Shooting clips in VK is available on Android version 6.0 and higher or on iPhone with iOS 10.3 and higher. Please update the application for the capture button to appear. If there is no button, wait for its appearance in the coming days.
  • The button for shooting is located in the “Clips” section in the upper left corner. You can also switch to the mode for shooting clips from the camera for VKontakte stories.
  • To go to the effects, click on the cylinder icon. The presence of certain effects depends on the device used. Some of them may not be available on budget smartphones. VKontakte will expand the list of available effects.
  • The gesture control mode is activated by the button. Gestures are not supported on weak or older devices, and on iPhones they are only available since iOS 13.
  • Before you start shooting, you can choose the maximum clip length – from 15 to 60 seconds.
  • You can attach interactive stickers to clips as in stories: place, hashtag, mention, gif animation, poll, product, time, photo.
  • On Android, the option to count down to the start of shooting, a timer to stop recording, the time to display a sticker or text, and frame selection for the clip cover are available. On iPhone, these capabilities will be added later.
  • For clips, you can use music from a special catalog, which will eventually be replenished with new compositions.
  • Your clip can be posted on the wall as a recording or saved to your device. Please note that if you have a private profile, the clip will not be included in the recommendations and will be visible only to your friends.
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Recently, VKontakte introduced a service for entering other services – VK Connect, and also added the ability to invite friends of your friends to conversations.

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