VKontakte has published an explanation of the rules for advertising goods

The VKontakte Support team has published an answer to one of the most common questions, which concerns the following point in advertising restrictions:

“It is forbidden to sell goods that obviously do not meet the stated criteria in terms of price-quality ratio; fakes under well-known brands without indicating that it is a replica; non-existent goods that are the fiction of sellers. “

What is it about? Possible incomplete or false descriptions of products that claim to be advertised in your community. Unfortunately, offers that are presented as extraordinarily advantageous or unique are not always the case.

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Before deciding to publish an advertisement, read real reviews about the store and the product, check the data of the legal entity, if any. But it is often impossible to reliably determine whether the seller is honest on one’s own.

The VK team shared a checklist in which you will find signs by which you can identify dubious proposals. Each of them – and even more so all three together – are a serious reason to be on your guard and refuse placement.

  1. Price too low when describingthat matches the original product. Even if it is indicated that this is a copy, it is doubtful that it can be identical in all respects to the original and at the same time cost much less.
  2. Lack of channels for feedback, phone numbers, mail, addresses and website of the store. Landing doesn’t count – it’s often just a page with a product description and a button to order.
  3. Order cannot be received by parcel with a list of investments and cash on delivery. Most often, this means that the seller is hiding something: after all, such a parcel can be opened upon receipt and, if the product does not correspond to the description, refuse to pay.
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note: if a dubious advertisement appears in your community, offering a clearly non-existent product or a fake under the guise of the original, the VKontakte administration can disable hyperlinks in the community and remove the ad creative.

Previously, order tags appeared in the VKontakte Store 2.0.

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