VKontakte introduced weekly automatic reports for communities

Every week VKontakte will prepare a report with the indicators of your VKontakte group and send it to the bell. The report will contain only the most important metrics that will be useful when working with advertising or content planning and will help you develop your community more effectively.

The reports will start arriving from August 3rd, until the end of the month all Business Pages will receive them.

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Why do we need reports on the VK community

The reports are useful to communities where there are at least 100 subscribers and in which there is active work: posts and stories are published, ads are launched, and users are answered in comments and private messages.

VK group reports do not replace fully extended community statistics, but they simplify the work with the most important indicators. You will receive information about the sources of referrals and the profile of an active user, as well as always know which post was more effective in a week.

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The information is framed in a convenient and understandable format so that even a novice entrepreneur does not miss the important and can independently increase the efficiency of the community.

What do the indicators in the report mean:

  • Coverage… With its help, you can estimate how many users saw the publication and who exactly it was. There are several types of coverage:
  • Reach audience – these are all users who saw posts in the news feed or on your page.
  • Subscriber reach Are community subscribers who saw the post without interacting with ads.
  • Viral coverage – these are people who are not subscribed to the community, but saw your post.
  • Advertising coverage – these are the ones who switched to the post from your ad campaign.
  • Full coverage Is the sum of the above coverage.

Advertising and full coverage are available in the automated report, and the rest in the already familiar extended community statistics.

New subscribers… The dynamics of the number of participants will help you understand how the target audience reacts to your publications. So, if you see a churn on any day, check what posts you posted: perhaps it was then that you decided to try a new type of content and lost it.

Posts… This is the number of community messages sent and received. This way you can estimate the number of incoming messages and the effectiveness of the administrators who reply to them. Just keep in mind that an automatic greeting, if configured, is also included in the statistics.

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Likes, reposts, comments… In an automatic report, these are three separate blocks, each of which has its own indicators. This feedback displays all user actions with your materials in the feed, on the wall, as well as with their reposts on other pages. It is a very useful tool for assessing the popularity of content.

Best Material of the Week… It is determined based on reach, likes, shares, and comments. You can analyze what subscribers like the most in order to be guided by such a feed in the future.

Active subscriber portrait… This will help you understand who the main audience of the community is, and adjust the campaign settings, generate content for the audience’s interests, and see where users came to your community from. The portrait consists of geography, gender and age, sources of referrals:

  • Geography – your entire audience by country and city. The graph shows 5 popular countries, the rest can be seen by clicking on “Others”.
  • Gender and Age – the distribution of community followers as a percentage by gender and age.
  • Sources of referrals. There are 13 of them in total, but only 5 are displayed on the graph. To see the rest, click “Others”. For example, you can see traffic from search engines, applications, VK search results, direct links and many other sources.

Recommendations from VKontakte for business to work with your community. If you follow the valuable advice, then the growth of the public will be even faster, you’ll see! The only limitation is that only Business Pages receive them.

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How to enable or disable reports in the VKontakte group

We describe the algorithm of actions in steps.

Click on the bell and go to the notification settings. Select the community you want from the menu on the right.

How to enable reports in the VKontakte group

Make sure the slider for the Community Guidelines section is turned on.

How to turn off reports in the VKontakte group

Done! Now, once a week, on Mondays, you will receive a notification that the report is ready with an up-to-date link. If you want to disable automatic reports for the community in VK, just set the slider to OFF.

VKontakte recently introduced the “Shopping” section in the mobile application, and also added recommendations to the section with music.

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