VKontakte launched a feed of goods – “Shopping”

“Shopping” is a new section, which will include publications with goods from communities where Store 2.0 is connected. The feed shows product recommendations based on the user’s interests, and here you can place an order.

As a reminder, the “Shopping” section appeared in the VKontakte mobile application back in late July.

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How to add your products to the “Shopping” feed on VKontakte

For your product or publication to be included in the product feed, it must meet two conditions:

What materials will be included in the “Shopping” feed:

  • records from your store page;
  • photos from albums and publications;
  • articles with goods inside.

Don’t forget to add images and write accompanying text to your notes and photographs – this is a must. And, of course, attach products to your posts, otherwise they won’t appear in the feed. Help article: How to attach a product to a VK article.

To increase your chances of getting featured in the product recommendation feed, follow these posting tips:

  • Share experiences and reviews of your customers;
  • Make a beautiful presentation or unpacking of the product and tell about its characteristics.
  • Explain the terms of delivery and do not forget to tell about promotions and discounts.
  • Create a selection of products that fit together perfectly.
  • If you provide services, show examples of your work.
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How to make a post with VKontakte products

Moderation: all materials are checked before entering the section. Moderation usually takes no more than 48 hours. There are some simple rules:

  • Links to any pages other than internal VK resources are prohibited in the posts.
  • Any mention of external marketplaces, social networks and platforms is prohibited.
  • The section will not include materials prohibited by Russian law and VKontakte rules.
  • Profanity is not allowed.
  • Check the text for errors – if there are too many of them, the material will not go into the feed.
  • Photos and videos must be of good quality. Avoid visual noise, unnecessary items and details – take care of your customers.
  • Records must contain text and photos, and photos must have a description.
  • Don’t overuse emojis and hashtags.

Earlier, VKontakte renamed the “Messages” section to “Messenger”, and the predictor began to take into account the audience that viewed the ad.

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