VKontakte launched a function for broadcasting video calls

VKontakte users can now create broadcasts of their video calls, and thanks to the new administrator role, they can better moderate their communication.

The new features will allow you to more effectively deliver lectures, conferences and other events, attract the attention of a wider audience, and at the same time have good control over online meetings.

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How to broadcast a VK video call

Call broadcast

Call broadcasting can be started from a computer and from the new version of the VKontakte mobile application. It is available for any video call – whether there are two participants or all 128. However, thanks to the live broadcast, it will be possible to attract even more people to communication, because an unlimited number of viewers can watch and comment on it.

The function is convenient to use for conferences, master classes, concerts, fan meetings and other events. For example, you can add to the call those who paid for participation or won the competition, and offer to personally ask questions to speakers or star guests. Other viewers will be able to watch the event and discuss it in the comments. So the broadcast will be meaningful and interactive.

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You won’t be able to go on the air secretly from the interlocutors – the Live icon will appear on their screens. The organizer manages the privacy settings and chooses who will see the broadcast: only the call participants, also his friends, or all VKontakte users. In order for more viewers to join the broadcast, you can create a broadcast and make an announcement in advance. The broadcast recording is saved in the “Video” section, so even those who missed the live broadcast can watch it.

New features for managing calls to VK

VK video calls are well suited for study or work: the duration is not limited, there is a screen sharing, and up to 128 participants can join the call – and even without a profile on the social network, just follow the link.

To keep the efficiency of meetings easier, the administrator role appeared in VKontakte calls. This is the interlocutor who has access to the same settings as the creator of the call. It is the organizer of communication that appoints administrators, and it can be as many people as you like – it is obvious that it will not be easy for one responsible person to keep track of hundreds of people who want to ask a question.

managing calls to VK

Moderating an online event with administrator mode is more convenient than a face-to-face meeting: for silence in the hall, it is now enough to turn off the microphones of all participants and choose whether they can turn them back on. If a participant wants to ask a question, he can write it in the chat or “raise his hand” – then the administrator will give him the opportunity to speak. In addition, now the speaker’s video can be pinned to the main screen – this will help avoid accidental switching between the participants’ screens and control what is on the air.

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Earlier, VKontakte launched an affiliate program, and also made editing of advertisements in one click.

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