VKontakte launched the function “Auto-promotion of goods”

VKontakte announced the “Auto-promotion of goods” function – the algorithm will itself find new customers and return those who have already entered your Store.

To configure, you just need to select a daily limit and write two texts. For the first ad, the algorithm will select products with the best performance and show them to potential buyers. In the second ad, it will remind about the purchase to those who were already interested in the goods, but left without buying.

Auto promotion on Instagram without blocks

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Next, we figure out how to set up auto-promotion of goods in VK and how it works.

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How automatic product promotion works

notethat auto-promotion of products is available for communities where there are more than 10 subscribers, and there are more than 5 products in the catalog.

  • Who are the ads shown to? For the first ad with popular products from the catalog and text for new buyers, the algorithm will find users who are active in similar communities.
  • For the second ad, the algorithms will find those who have already entered and viewed your community’s product catalog.
  • You cannot disable both display audiences. One version of the text can be used.
  • You only pay for showing ads to your target audience. If there are enough potential buyers, the entire daily limit will be used up. In the case of a small target audience, you will pay only for the impressions that have taken place.
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How to set up auto-promotion of goods on VKontakte: step-by-step instructions

Step 1… We go to our VKontakte store, and in the section we click “Products” on the “Promote” button.

Step 2… We write 2 texts for advertisements: the first is for new buyers, the second is for an interested audience (in fact, this is retargeting, for those who have not bought).

Texts of advertisements for auto-promotion

Step 3… We indicate the daily limit – how much we are ready to spend daily on advertising and click “Start advertising”.

How to start auto-promotion of goods on VKontakte

Done! After passing the moderation, the advertisement will start showing.

Earlier in VK, recommendations appeared in the product cards, and the strategy “Maximum clicks” for the specified budget was also launched.

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