VKontakte launched thematic feeds under the supervision of algorithms and experts

VKontakte thematic feeds are separate tabs in Recommendations, where the best posts on specific topics are collected. Now there are 11 of them: Tourism, Photo, Science, Cinema, Music, Games, IT, Style, Humor, Arts and Sports. All materials that may be of interest to a specific user are collected in the For You tab.

We figure out what content gets into the thematic VK feeds and whether it can be influenced.

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How thematic feeds work in VK

Who selects materials for thematic feeds

People and algorithms will choose the best materials for thematic feeds together. For this, VKontakte has created an open edition.

The members of the open editorial board are ordinary users, just like you. They are well versed in their fields: musicians are responsible for the most interesting news from the world of music, directors and cameramen – from the world of cinema, scientists and teachers – for science and education. Experts vote for or against records that have been selected by algorithms or found by the editorial staff themselves. The more positive responses, the higher the publication will rise in the Recommendations.

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How to get to the thematic feed

It is enough just to publish interesting materials. The algorithms will do everything themselves: they will determine the subject of the content and offer it to experts. However, you can take everything into your own hands – and specify the topic yourself when creating or editing a record.

To do this, go to VK from a mobile device, click on the three dots in the right corner of the plate with a post, click “Select a topic” and specify the desired one.

How to get to the thematic feed

How the work of the open edition is controlled

Dozens of experts are working on each topic. At the same time, none of the editorial staff members know how the other votes – however, they see the overall rating of the record. If an expert does not evaluate the notes for a long time or there are many complaints about the materials he has supported, he may be excluded from the editorial office.

These and other conditions allow you to be sure that only worthy content will be included in thematic feeds.

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How to Become a Featured Feed Expert

Anyone can become an expert: an author, blogger, e-sportsman, musician, physicist, engineer, journalist, fitness trainer, teacher. The main thing is to be good at something, actively use VKontakte and want to make the world a better place.

To apply, just write to the VKontakte Experts community and undergo a little testing. Try it! If everything works out, you can directly influence what your friends and family see in their feeds. You will become the author of VKontakte, creating not separate materials, but a whole thematic feed. And you will receive pleasant bonuses for your activity.

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The update will be rolling out to everyone over the course of a few days. Thanks to thematic feeds and an open editorial board, any interesting post can be seen by millions of people – even if it has not yet collected even a few likes. This is a chance to gather your first audience or help other users to present themselves.

Earlier we reported that VK launched its own media called “Focus”.

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