VKontakte launches delivery of goods via Boxberry and CDEK

VKontakte announced the launch of delivery of goods via Boxberry and CDEK. Now clients will be able to choose a convenient pick-up point among 5000+ offices across the country. It is a convenient solution for businesses and customers to help sell faster and more.

When adding an item, indicate the dimensions and weight in the card, and the system will automatically calculate the shipping cost. After payment and sending, add a track number in the “Orders” section, and customers will not worry about the parcel again.

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The cart has also been updated: now it is displayed in the menu in the first place or in the right block, and customers can immediately see how many products are in it.

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How to connect delivery in the VKontakte online store and set up automation

Connect delivery

Before you can connect a delivery, you need to enable Store 2.0 in the community settings. Go to “Management – Settings – Sections”. We activate the section “Products” and select the “Advanced” mode.

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If that option isn’t listed, your community already has the Store app installed.

Next, you need to go to the store settings and, on the contrary, you need to select “Enabled”.

Setting up the delivery of goods via VKontakte

An additional subsection will appear at the bottom, where you can select the Boxberry or CDEK service for the delivery of goods. In addition, it is possible to set up domestic and international shipments by Russian Post.

Delivery methods of goods VKontakte

For CDEK and Boxberry, the delivery cost is calculated by the dimensions and weight of the goods. You can specify these parameters in advance in the product card – then the forecast for the buyer will be accurate. Weight and dimensions can also be specified at the stage of receiving an order.

If you do not specify the dimensions and leave the “Delivery cost” field blank, then when placing an order the user will see the message “Check the cost with the seller.”

Specify the properties of the goods: weight, dimensions, dimensions

In addition to the weight and dimensions of the product, you can specify its additional properties: color, material, size, and others. To do this, start editing any position in the Store or add a new product to a group.

How to add dimensions and weight of goods on VKontakte

Check incoming orders

When placing an order, carefully check all the data. If necessary, you can edit the weight and dimensions of the order here, if you have not indicated them earlier — the shipping cost will be calculated automatically.

Processing an incoming order with delivery

From the same window, you can contact the buyer and clarify the details of the order. Include community posts to respond to buyers. You can write on behalf of the community immediately after the order has been placed. In addition, now in community messages you can mark dialogs with tags – you can add the tag “New order”, and after payment change the tag to “Client”.

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How to submit an order

Having received the order, which indicates the delivery method via CDEK or Boxberry, you need to make sure that the cost is calculated. If you have prescribed the dimensions of the goods in advance, the order will come to you with a fixed delivery cost.

If you have not done this yet, go to the order form and indicate the dimensions and weight in a special field, and we will automatically calculate everything.

What to do next:

  • Accept payment from the buyer in a convenient way.
  • Take the order to the nearest branch of the chosen service or call a courier who will pick up the parcel from you.
  • The delivery service will assign a track number to your shipment and immediately inform you.

Add track number

Enter the track number in the appropriate field. This will make it easier for the user to track the parcel on the delivery site – just one click from the “Orders” section will be enough.

How to add a track number to a VK order

After the order has been sent, indicate the track number and change the order status. Important: do not forget to change the order status to “Delivered” when sending: then the user will immediately receive a notification that the goods are in transit.

How can you simplify your work?

Download all products at once. For developers, we have new API methods. With its help, it was possible to load goods before, but now it is convenient to immediately indicate their dimensions and weight.

This can be done using methods from the vk.com/dev/market section.

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Against the backdrop of the crisis and an even greater emphasis in business on promotion on the Internet, VKontakte has powerfully strengthened its tool for online sales. Soon, there will be no need to pay for the creation of an online store or assemble it yourself on the constructor. Everything can be done within the social network.

Also, VKontakte recently launched the “Auto-promotion of goods” function, which will help promote goods on the VKontakte platform and not delve into the intricacies of setting up targeted advertising. A recommendation section has appeared in the product cards.

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