VKontakte launches free video calls

VKontakte announced a large-scale update of group video calls. Now all users will be able to add up to 128 people to the conversation – even those who do not have a VKontakte profile.

The service works both in a browser on a computer and in a mobile application.

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How VK group video calls work

During a video call, you can show the screen and exchange materials in the chat, which is automatically created for all participants and remains available after the call. The duration of the conversation is not limited.

How do I add members?

You can invite any user to a video conference. For this, it is not necessary that this person be your friends or in the same chat with you: group video calls allow you to communicate even with those who are not registered on VKontakte.

Just copy the link with the invitation to the call and send it in any convenient way. It will be enough for the recipient to follow it and indicate his name. Up to 128 people can participate in one video call

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VK videoconferencing capabilities

  • Screen demonstration – useful for presentations or to teach mom to install antivirus.
  • Raise hand function – will help to draw attention to yourself if you want to ask a question.
  • 360 ° virtual backgrounds – decide for yourself what will be behind your back: the moon, the Chinese wall, the Egyptian pyramids, London, Sydney or uninhabited islands. Backgrounds are available when communicating using the VK mobile application.
  • Incoming call notification – you do not have to search and send a link with an invitation to a meeting or separately call late participants, because the notification will not let you miss the beginning of the conversation.
  • The service will warn you if you have a bad Internet connection or you started talking with the microphone turned off.
  • The creator can easily control the call: add and remove participants, mute and unmute microphones.
  • The person who is speaking is automatically detected – you will see him in close-up. But you can always switch to the grid with all the interlocutors and pin any of them to the main screen.

With the help of updated video calls, you can effectively conduct lectures, conferences, meetings, presentations. It’s free and no time limit.

Earlier in VKontakte there was a section “Work”, and also changed the rules for ranking stories.

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