VKontakte launches “Reports” – text broadcasts from communities

“Reports” in VKontakte are text broadcasts from communities, in which authors will be able to cover matches, conferences, festivals and other events in real time.

Users will be able to follow text broadcasts on any platforms, and soon this opportunity will become available even without a VK account. Let’s figure out how VK Reports work in more detail.

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How to start and conduct a Reporting on VKontakte

Step 1… To start reporting, open your group in the VK mobile application. The launch icon is located on the panel for new publications. The report can be started by the owner, administrator or editor. You can continue the broadcast in the VKontakte version for the computer.

Step 2… Come up with a title for your report, select and put on a suitable cover for it.

Step 3… We start the reportage. Write the first post in which you tell readers what your broadcast is about. Then click “Start Live Streaming” – as soon as you do this, your community subscribers will receive notifications and can join the broadcast.

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The first publication can be immediately sent to the community wall – by clicking the button, readers can go to the broadcast. And the link to the report should be placed with an announcement on your blog and social networks, in thematic channels and chats.

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How to report

Key tips for reporting on VK:

  • Chronicle events… Do what you do best: tell your subscribers in an interesting and detailed way about what is happening. In addition to a small text (≈500 characters), you can add photos, videos, polls and links to the post – they will be displayed as snippets.
  • Reinforce important… A recording with a link to the video broadcast of the event, a list of speakers, a schedule, or just important details can be pinned above the reportage tape. To do this, click the button in the publication menu – behind the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Talk about sensations… The player scored the decisive goal, the head of the company showed a revolutionary device, and the most interesting speaker took the stage? Write about it and mark the posting as “Important note”. All users will receive notifications about such a recording, including those who have subscribed only to important publications of your report.
    How to report on VKontakte
  • Share the report… You can send any post from the broadcast to your community wall. For example, if you want to remind subscribers of an ongoing report or mark a particularly important news. Just click “Publish” on the entry. Both you and your readers can share the entire post or report. They can be sent to your wall, to communities, and also to private messages.

How to end a report

To end the report, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select “End report”. After that, you will not be able to add new posts, and readers will not be able to subscribe. But all the materials will remain available – you and your fans will be able to re-read the report over and over again.

How to end a report on VK

During a reportage, readers can “Like” any post. Only you can see the number of reactions and the number of views of posts. You will also see how many people followed the reportage and shared recordings from it – this information is also saved after the broadcast.


Reporting is an important update on VKontakte, which can be used not only to review major events, but also to promote local events or company events.

Let us remind you that earlier in VKontakte there was a section “Work”, as well as free tools for video conferencing.

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