VKontakte launches services for business “VK Apps”

VKontakte presented a platform for business – VK Apps, where company representatives will be able to create and launch their own services for users of the VK mobile application.

Thanks to this, social network users will be able to order food delivery, a taxi, sign up for a haircut or book a table in a restaurant for the evening without leaving the application.

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Business owners will receive an additional sales channel and the ability to reduce the cost of processing incoming customer requests through free push notifications.

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What are VK Apps?

To use VK Apps services, you do not need to log in to each application separately. To place an order for a taxi or pay for a purchase, it is enough to allow the use of data from your VK profile. Also, for convenience and quick payment, you can use VK Pay instead of a bank card.

Partners of the social network have already been added to the catalog of VK services, such as Taxovichkoff taxi, Ubego platform for games in reality, online registration in YPLACES beauty salons and others. You can get acquainted with the entire list of companies and useful services in the “Services” section of the VKontakte mobile application. The section will be constantly updated with offers from different companies.

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The services you use most often can be “Add to favorites” so that they are always in the most visible place.

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How to create your own VKontakte service?

To get into the VK Apps catalog, you need to create an application that will pass strict technical control and will not violate the rules of the social network.

VK Apps is an open source and completely free solution. It is based on 3 React libraries for a perfect interface on mobile devices and communication with the official application and API VKontakte. You can learn more about the platform’s capabilities in the technical documentation.

Recently VKontakte allowed create message templates for communities in the desktop version, and also expanded functional groups by adding an action button, addresses of branches and working hours.

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