VKontakte launches targeting presets

VKontakte will allow advertisers to create and apply targeting presets.

Now in the VK advertising office you can create and save up to 50 templates of various variations. This will allow everyone who uses VKontakte ads to significantly reduce the time for creating and editing ads.

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How to create and save a targeting preset in VK

It’s pretty simple. Start creating your ad and choose your targeting preferences.

When you specify all the necessary data: age, gender, interests, etc., find the section “Audience saving settings”, at the end there will be a button “Save preset” that you need to click.

Finally, you just have to choose a name for the audience.

Template name

Using the new feature, you can create one or more audiences, and then create different creatives for them to see which one works best.

Recall recently VK announced the launch of a new website ad formatsand also ran two-level comments

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