VKontakte now supports beautiful links to any page of the site

From today, VKontakte maintains beautiful links to any page of the site, not just to communities or profiles.

Let’s figure out how to make a link in the form of text, what can be a link and what are the restrictions.

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How to make text a link in VK to a post or any page: step by step instructions

To make a beautiful link in the form of VKontakte text, follow the simple instructions.

Step 1… To create such a link, enter the * or @ symbol and insert the link you need after it.

Step 2… After that, through a space in parentheses, indicate the word or phrase that will lead to the specified link. The structure is: @link (text).

This option is also allowed: [ссылка|текст]…

Only internal VK links are supported. You can create beautiful links to posts, discussion threads, videos, and other content.

Limitations: such links cannot be given to documents. They are also not supported in dialogs.

In the Android application, when you enter the name of a link, its address will be automatically hidden, and the text itself will be colored blue so that you understand how it will look after publication.

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Links vk.ccthat are needed to shorten external links are not supported. Wherein vk.me for private messages work.

Previously, only personal profile and community addresses could be converted to such links. They are created in the same way, but instead of a full link, you need to specify the short name of the page or its ID (id ### for profiles and club / public / event for communities).

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