VKontakte presented a service for entering other services – VK Connect

Each VKontakte user will now have a single account in VK Connect: connect.vk.com.

With it, you can enter different services with one click, manage the settings of all connected sites and applications from your personal account.

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How VK Connect works

With a VK Connect account, you can log in or register in any VKontakte service and Mail.ru Group. To do this, just select the entrance through VK Connect – and that’s it, you are in your account! You can try it now in the Delivery Club and Marusya voice assistant applications.

Soon VK Connect will appear in Mail.ru, Citymobil, Yulia and other projects. In the future, third-party developers with their services will be able to join the platform. You will always see the list of projects where you have logged in with a single account, and you can change it.

What opportunities will appear with the VK Connect account

With VK Connect, you will have one account for all services, which includes the following features.

  • Personal information… Name, surname, city and other data. For example, if you specify an address in one of the applications, it will be available everywhere: on the website with food delivery, and in the taxi service.
  • Payment for goods and services… After linking a bank card, you can use it to pay in all services. The transaction history will also be shown. All operations from VK Pay are already available in your personal account.
  • Manage paid subscriptions… VKontakte music is next to Combo – a subscription with everything you need for everyday life: taxi, food delivery from supermarkets and restaurants, music, films and much more. In your VK Connect personal account, you can subscribe or cancel a subscription.
  • Safety… In your personal account, you can view sessions in any project and complete irrelevant ones, as well as instantly change the password. For greater security, you can connect confirmation of entry with a secret code.

How to connect and manage VK Connect

No complicated registrations: VKontakte users just need to accept the service rules and confidentiality conditions with one click However, to create a VK Connect account, it is not necessary to have a profile on VK: this can be done using a phone number on the website or in any service connected to VK Connect.

If you already have an account in one of the services, then the system itself will transfer all the necessary information into a single account. Nothing will be lost – it will just be collected in one place.

A personal account with all VK Connect data is already available on VKontakte. In the latest version of the mobile application and on m.vk.com, you will find it like this: “Profile – Settings – VK Connect” tab. In the desktop version, you will see a new menu item if you click on your name in the upper right corner.

UPD: You cannot disable the service or refuse to use it.

Earlier, VKontakte added the ability to invite friends of their friends to conversations, and also told what the Clips service is and how it will work.

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