VKontakte presented a tool that allows you to customize the intersection of audiences

Update in the VK advertising account – the intersection of audiences! The new tool will allow you to combine interests, communities and activities in them.

Let’s figure out how the intersection of VKontakte audiences works and how to use them in your advertising campaigns.

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How does the intersection of audiences work in VK

Audience intersection allows you to define a set of user interests and remove unwanted ones from them. The same goes for subscribers to thematic communities and active users.

This will allow you to quickly find the right audience and create more targeted creatives for it. For example, we can single out the segment of sports fans who are interested in motorcycles.

The new functionality can be used in the blocks: “Communities”, “Exclude groups” and “Activity in communities”.

A maximum of 100 targeting options are available in one field. You can set up to 200 targeting parameters in one ad.

How to add an overlap of VKontakte audiences

Go to the advertising office and start creating an advertising campaign. In the targeting settings, select at least one interest or community – you will see the Add Intersection icon.

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Click on it and another field will be added. Specify the second parameter in it. The algorithm will select users who have both interests. You will see the audience size data on the right.

Intersection of audiences in VK

  • If you add intersections to interests, then the audience will be those who are interested in either cars or sports, and at the same time are interested in motorcycles.
  • If you add intersections to interests, then the audience will be those who are interested in either cars or sports, and at the same time are interested in motorcycles.
  • If you want an audience with no specific interest, just exclude it. In this case, the audience will be users who are simultaneously interested in cars and the purchase of housing, while not simultaneously interested in motorcycles and outdoor activities.

Likewise, the tool works for communities and for being active in communities.

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VK formulas and logical operators

There are formulas for even more accurate targeting of ads to the audience. With formulas, you can segment your audience very precisely using Boolean operators. To set the rule for segmenting the audience, in front of the required settings field, click the “fx” button.

VK targeting formulas

The following logical operators are available:

  • OR operator – the logical operator “OR” is a union of audiences – when using it, users of the original audiences will be combined into one.
  • Operator “AND” – the logical operator “AND” represents the intersection of audiences – when using it, several audiences will intersect, and only those users will remain who are simultaneously in each of the original audiences.
  • Operator “AND NOT” – the logical construction “AND NOT” represents the intersection of audiences with negation – several audiences will intersect and only those users will remain who are in one original audience and who are definitely not in another.
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