VKontakte presented the VK Donut platform, which will help monetize publics

VKontakte has introduced a new way to make money on content – the VK Donut platform. After enabling this feature in their community, users will be able to subscribe to a monthly paid subscription.

Let’s figure out how VK Donut will work and how to enable subscriptions in your group.

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How VK Donut works

The VK Donut subscription may include exclusive materials, the ability to comment on recordings, early access to publications, prize draws, meetings or chamber concerts, closed sales, promotions and any other loyalty programs.

Users can subscribe for a month or more. The owners of paid subscriptions are named dons

After connecting VK Donut, a special block with a button “Support the author” will appear on the main page of your community. It will display all the detailed information about the subscription, as well as the number of exclusive materials available only to donors. This block will be visible to all users, except for those who have already purchased a subscription.

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With the help of VK Donut, you will not be able to make money on any materials. Here is a list of what is banned:

  • Pornography… Pornographic content is prohibited. But this does not apply to erotic materials: paintings and sculptures with nudity, nude photo shoots;
  • Copyright infringing material;
  • Prohibited materials, goods and services: shock content, images of child abuse, sexual images of minors, materials containing violence against people or animals. Also, you cannot offer users hacking services, invite subscribers to place bets or participate in gambling. Also, the community should not sell drugs, alcohol and tobacco products;
  • Insults and defamation
  • Any other materials that violate the rules of VKontakte and the Boosty platform.

How to connect VK Donut in the VKontakte group

The owner of the community in the web version can connect VK Donut. Administrators will only be able to view the information, but will not be able to change it.

To connect, go to the “Management” section of your community, go to VK Donut and enable the appropriate item, and then fill out the form.

How to connect VK Donut in the VKontakte group

How to fill out a description of a paid subscription

Comments: for a public page (public) that has more than 100,000 subscribers, you need to choose who can leave comments – all users or only owners of a paid subscription.

If comments in the group are enabled only for donors, other users will see only the three most popular answers under the post, as well as an explanation that only paid subscribers can comment.

Minimum payment the default can be from 50 to 2,000 rubles per month. If you want to increase the cost of your subscription, write to Support.

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How to fill out a description of a paid subscription to a VKontakte group

Description Is the most important field. Here you need to specify what exactly the owners of paid subscribers will receive: early access to publications, video tutorials, exclusive discounts, or something else. The text from this field will be seen by all users who have not yet become donors. In addition, the number of exclusive materials open only to subscription owners will be automatically displayed there.

After filling in all the form fields, click “Save”.

How to publish posts only for dons – paid subscribers

There are several options for posting a publication in a community with VK Donut enabled. You can:

  • publish a post exclusively for dons,
  • specify how many days (from 1 to 7) the record will be able to see all subscribers.

In the latter case, after the specified time, a copy of the post will automatically appear on the community wall and in the news feeds of all subscribers. However, it will not contain any comments or likes from the original closed post.

How to publish posts only for dons - paid subscribers

Important: If a podcast or article that is available only to donors is attached to a post for all subscribers, this content will also become free. A warning will appear before publishing.

VK Donut statistics

All information about the income for the current month is available in the community statistics on the VK Donut tab. There you can always see the current number of paid subscribers and the total income for all time.

VK Donut statistics

How to disable VK Donut in the community

You can disable VK Donut in the “Management – VK Donut” section.

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If there is at least one don in the community, only the owner with connected login confirmation can turn off VK Donut. In this case, the owner of the community will receive an SMS or a call from the robot to confirm the disconnection.

If there are no dons in the community, any administrator can disable it.

Once disabled, everyone, including community leaders, loses access to exclusive publications. Dons’ subscriptions will be canceled and they will receive a special notification.

Withdrawal of funds and commission

The owners of groups and publics will be able to receive the earned money to a bank card or to a VK Pay account. All payments will be transferred within a few hours after receipt.

Withdrawal of funds and commission

At the start, you can receive funds only to a bank card issued in the territory of the Russian Federation.

A commission will be deducted from the earned funds, the amount of which at the start of the service will be only 5% (this is the minimum commission on the market).

For withdrawal to a bank card, a bank commission of 2.3% + 25 rubles will be charged (at least 150 rubles can be withdrawn). The funds will be credited to the VK Pay account without commission, however, when withdrawing them to the card, you will have to pay 3% (minimum – 50 rubles).

Recently, VKontakte launched the “Clips” section, and also introduced the VK Connect service.

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