VKontakte simplifies verification of business pages

Previously, the VKontakte checkmark appeared only for the most famous brands and stars – the selection was harsh. Because of this, verification was often perceived not as a confirmation of formality, but as a medal given for special achievements.

To give authors, businesses and opinion leaders more options, VKontakte simplifies verification. Now the chances of getting a tick are the same for a rapper who collects local clubs, a small city cafe, and a holding company that produces drinks for the whole country.

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Why is it needed

We may have different interests, we go to different establishments and live in different cities. But everyone wants to easily find what is important: be it local news, addresses of shopping centers or stories of favorite bloggers. We want to learn everything first-hand – in the official communities and profiles.

You see a check mark – it means that the page is run by real representatives: this is not a fan-public and not a fake. In addition, verified communities and profiles will receive priority in searches.

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How to get a checkmark in VK

You can apply for VKontakte verification in your profile or community settings. This feature is implemented only in the VKontakte version for the computer, so that it is convenient to attach files.

How to apply for personal page verification

For a personal page: go to “Settings – General” and next to the corresponding item click “Apply”.


  • Login confirmation function enabled;
  • There is a photo on the page;
  • The page was created more than 3 months ago;
  • The page has more than 100 subscribers.

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How to get a check mark in a VKontakte group

For the business page: go to “Management – Settings” and also click on the link to apply.

How to make a checkmark in VK for a group


  • You are a community creator;
  • You have enabled the login confirmation function;
  • Community type – open group or public page;
  • The community has a photo and a description filled;
  • The community was created more than 3 months ago;
  • The community has more than 100 members.

In the application, tell us about yourself, your business and why you need a tick.

Attach photos and documents: they will help make sure that the real owner of the profile or a company representative is writing to us. To confirm notoriety, add links to your speeches and media mentions. You can provide links to other platforms where the account has already been verified.

Verification request

If your application is rejected, please continue to develop the case and try again later.

Most often, there is no need for verification. The checkmark is not a reward, but an assistant in the search for profiles and communities. You can show that the page is real in other ways: fill in the description in detail, regularly add new stories and entries, communicate with the audience through community messages, print QR codes with a link to your VK office. Ask subscribers or customers to tag the page in publications.

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