VKontakte store 2.0: an overview of all changes

In the new version of the Store application for Vkontakte, products, their appearance and functionality have been worked out. Improved work with orders, introduced a notification system for the user and quick access to technical support.

If you already have an online VKontakte store, then you can try out the changes a little later. The updated Community Store is available to those who have just decided to create a store.

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Let’s figure out what has changed in the Store, and what functions have been added for owners and customers.

Store opening hours: basic and advanced

In Community Management, in the “Products” section, you can now choose the Store mode – Basic or Advanced.

To do this, go to the community management, go to “Sections – Products” and select the option you want.


This mode will be enough if on VKontakte you mainly communicate with customers, talk about your products and attract new customers.

What’s available:

  • showcase;
  • Card Product.

From the product card, buyers can write to the seller, open the application collection form or VK Mini Apps, go to an external site.

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With these settings, you don’t need an additional website or online store – you can organize the entire sales process directly on VKontakte.

What’s available:

  • showcase;
  • Card Product;
  • basket;
  • orders.

How to connect a new VKontakte store

The “Store” section will appear in the right menu – only you will see it. This section provides advanced store settings, product and order management, and the ability to write to support


Now you can easily and quickly manage all your offers. We’ve added the ability to Store 2.0:

  • add and assign properties to products;
  • delete goods in bulk;
  • combine product cards into one;
  • create collections, sort and edit them.

How to add product properties to VK


This section will not only be in your community, but also among clients – right in the menu in the VK mobile application and in the desktop version. There, shoppers will be able to track the status of orders from different stores.

Orders in VK

Section of orders from customers in the VK mobile application and notifications about the status of the order.

“Statuses”those specified in the updated Store are duplicated for the client – when you change the status, the buyer will receive a notification in the “bell”;
orders will not be deleted so customers can easily repeat them later.

You can also:

  • search for orders by number, amount or name and surname of the buyer;
  • filter orders by date and cost;
  • enter the track code manually;
  • when a client places an order, you will immediately have the opportunity to write to him through community messages.

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What will change for clients

Card Product

All colors, sizes and other properties are now in one card! The client will be able to choose the option that suits him without unnecessary transitions.

Updated product card with the ability to select its properties:

New product card in VK


The shopping cart will always be visible to the customer as a separate icon. In it, he will see all the selected products that are awaiting registration.

Online store basket in VK

Recall that VK also added the use of the oCPM payment model for joining the group, and also updated the “Events” section.

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