VKontakte will allow using oCPM to optimize subscriber value

VKontakte presented another update of the advertising account, now, when setting up, you can specify the desired cost of joining the community (oCPM).

Let’s take a look at how the new tool works and how to use it when setting up targeting.

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How oCPM by subscription works

Recall that VK launched the oCPM payment model last year. Then it could only be used to achieve the goal of “collecting applications”. The oCPM payment model is now available for a new goal of joining the community.

Who is oCPM for subscriptions for?

The new payment model will suit those who need to attract new subscribers:

  • Training courses.
  • Concerts and events.
  • Entertainment communities.
  • Urban communities.
  • Bloggers, musicians and celebrities.

How to set up advertising on VK with optimization of the cost of joining a group

Step 1… Create an ad in the “Record with a Button” format. In the button, include a link to the community or event you’re advertising.

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Step 2… Leave one of the three options for the button: “Join”, “Subscribe”, “I’ll go” (depending on the type of community or event).

Advertising to attract subscribers to VK

Step 3… Then select the oCPM payment model in the “Price setting” section and enter the desired subscription price and launch the ad.

Optimization of the price of joining the VKontakte group

You pay for showing ads to users who are more likely to subscribe to the community. First, the ad will be seen by different users from the target audience. Based on their reaction, the algorithm will be trained so that you reach the desired subscriber value.

Because of this, at the beginning, the cost of admission can change quite a lot, but after training it will stabilize and will be close to the desired one.

Important: Do not change targeting settings or edit your ad during the learning phase. In this case, the system will not collect objective data and the result will be worse than expected.

You will be able to adjust the cost up or down immediately after training the algorithm: the ad will lose the “At the training stage” checkbox.

At the training stage

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How to choose a subscription price

If you already know the typical subscriber cost for your community, then set the price 10-30% less than the usual one.

If you don’t know the subscriber price, then create an ad with similar settings and run it with automatic price control. When you reach 10-20 intros, you will understand the optimal subscriber value.

When choosing the cost of entry, focus on the usual cost of your subscriber, but in the first stages – set the price 10-30% less than the usual one.

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Try not to charge very low subscription prices. At the lowest possible price, the algorithm will understand that it won’t be able to get subscribers with such a budget, and ad impressions will stop. If this happens, just increase the subscription price.

Features of the oCPM payment model by subscribers:

  • Works only in the “Record with a button” format. Available for buttons: “Join”, “Subscribe”, “I’ll go”.
  • Desired entry cost from 1 to 500 rubles.
  • You are charged for ad impressions, not intros. The system selects a suitable cost per 1,000 impressions. The ad will be seen by users who are most likely to subscribe to the community.
  • If the system cannot fulfill the condition with such a subscriber value, impressions will slow down significantly or the ad will stop.
  • The community being advertised will automatically be excluded from your ad settings.

Earlier, in the VK advertising account, it became possible to configure the intersection of audiences.

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