VKontakte will allow you to create sites from communities

VKontakte announced an innovation that will allow you to create landing pages completely free of charge directly from the group.

To create a site, you just need to go to the community settings and create your site in a few clicks.

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How to make a website from a VKontakte group: step by step instructions

Step 1… To create a site from your group, go to the “Management” section in the mobile version, and on a computer – in the menu on the right. Then open the Site from Community section and click Create Site.

Before creating a site, make sure that your VKontakte group is correctly formatted and the page contains up-to-date information. Fill out a description, enter contacts and add fresh photos to albums. Also, if you have a closed group, make it open.

Step 2… Think about your landing page title. You can leave the name of the group in it or enter a new phrase.

Step 3… Complete the description. Information from your community will automatically appear in this block, but you can edit it. Visitors will see this information along with the title on the first screen of the landing page.

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Website creation VKontakte

Step 4… Download a cover for your home screen. Choose a beautiful image with a resolution of at least 800 × 400 pixels. If you leave this point unattended, the standard gradient will be used.

VK website cover

Step 5… Choose an action button – it will sit at the top of your site and get the main attention. Here are the options available:

  • “Leave a request” – the user will indicate in the form his contacts (name and phone number), and they will come to you in the community messages;
  • “Call” – the visitor will see your number, and if he entered the site from a mobile, he will be able to go directly to the call;
  • “Write to mail” – by clicking the future client will go to the interface, where he can write to you on an active email;
  • “Write VKontakte” – authorized users will go into a dialogue with your community, and those who are not registered in VK will be able to leave contacts for feedback;
  • “Go to site” – this button will redirect visitors to the landing page to an external site, the address of which you specify.

Action button on the VK website

Step 6… Add benefits. Tell us about the main advantages of your product or service. The advantage should be between 10 and 90 characters in length.

Benefits on the site

Step 7… Add product collections – you need to place products in the VK group in advance. Collect the hottest items, tickets for your event, or any other item you want to highlight.

How to add a block of goods to the VKontakte website

Step 8… Post reviews. Select a discussion topic with reviews – and site visitors can see how customers rate you. In this case, the administrator’s answers will not be displayed on the site.

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Step 9… Website address. Finally, click Publish. The site will be created and will be located at: vk.link/ community_domain.

What’s next?

After launching in the community settings, you can monitor the site statistics: the number of views, unique visitors, clicks on the action button and transitions to the community.

Here you can also find out how many users have entered contacts and evaluate their activity on the site as a whole.

Earlier in the weekly reports on VKontakte communities there was a block “Advertising indicators”, and also the statistics of mobile promotion were updated.

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