VKontakte will allow you to place ads from your mobile

The growth of mobile traffic is recognized by all advertising systems and in this regard, they launch new functionality and adapt to the user. For example, one of the reasons transition Yandex.Direct to a new auction, is just the rise of mobile. Now it becomes possible to launch VKontakte advertising from the phone.

Why do I need to launch ads in VK from a smartphone?

Every day, many people use their smartphones or tablets to log on to the Internet, and less and less use their PCs. A mobile phone is always at hand, you can answer messages or find the information you need much faster with it than with a laptop or computer.

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In this regard, business is also changing. The smartphone has become not only a means of communication, but also a full-fledged business tool – from it you can issue and pay bills, communicate with a client and publish content.

To track activities in promoted communities, statistics of advertising posts already exists the VK Admin application. Now the quick launch of advertising will be available not only in the desktop version, but also in the official VKontakte application for iOS and Android.

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How to set up VK targeting

How to set up VK ads from a mobile phone

At the moment, testing of new functionality is underway, but soon mobile promotion will be available to all communities.

At any point and at any time, a business representative will be able to launch an advertisement in just a few clicks, or more precisely, tapes. As with fast promoting posts, a dedicated Promote button will appear next to community posts.

Source: VKontakte for business

To launch VKontakte advertising from a mobile, you need to do the following:

  • prepare an advertising post in your group;
  • choose an audience to show;
  • set a promotion period and advertising budget.

For maximum convenience and time saving, we will offer an automatically selected audience, taking into account the specifics of your business community, and you can replenish your budget without leaving the application.

How to set up ads from a mobile phone on VKontakte
Source: VKontakte for business

Examples of the interface for setting up promotion from a mobile device

As a reminder, it was recently announced new algorithm for ranking VK posts, added function instant marks on uploaded photosand also launched sharing retargeting audiences

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