VKontakte will double the weekly budget of advertisers in support of small businesses

VK has launched a campaign in support of business: until June 30, 2020, the budget for advertising in mobile promotion will double every week *.

And restaurants and cafes that have to rebuild their business especially quickly will receive an additional 3,000 rubles for advertising to find new customers online.

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How to get VK support and double your advertising budget

Follow the link from your mobile device: https://vk.com/adscreate. You will be taken to the “Community Promotion” section. Please note that the “Community Promotion” section is available only from a mobile device!

Run an ad – select a published post or create an ad to find subscribers. Instructions: How to set up targeted advertising in VK.

If you have multiple communities, first select the one you want to advertise. Every week we will double the budget spent on mobile promotion – return expenses for the last week

What does it mean

If during the week you launched ads in mobile promotion, then next Monday we will return the money spent on advertising, and this will be so every week.

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Compensations are calculated according to the following scheme:

  • if the amount spent for the week is less than 5,000 rubles, the entire amount will be returned;
  • if the amount spent per week is from 5,000 rubles, 5,000 rubles will be returned;
  • the maximum amount of all compensations for one business is 50,000 rubles.

Important: only real expenses are returned, excluding compensation charges!

The promotion is valid for all advertisers who advertise from a mobile phone through the “Community Promotion” section.

* Mobile promotion in VK is a promotion launched from a mobile device in the “Community Promotion” section and or using the “Promote” button next to the entries.

Earlier, the “Desires” section appeared in VK, and a comment was also published on the rules of advertising in communities.

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