VKontakte will help you instantly launch ads from your smartphone

VKontakte can now promote Business Pages from smartphones. To start advertising, you just need to click “Promote” under any post or go to the new section “Community Promotion”. It is not even necessary to set up something: the system itself will suggest the audience and the budget. This option is ideal for those who have no experience in page promotion yet. However, you can also use advanced settings – they are useful for professional marketers who want to run ads on the go, but with more precise parameters.

New opportunities will appear on Business Pages gradually. In communities with the update, it will be possible to launch ads in two ways:

Auto promotion on Instagram without blocks

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  • No blocks. The limits work as if you were doing it all manually.
  • Safely. You do not need to enter a password for your account.
  • High speed. You can put up to 1000 likes and 500 subscriptions per day.

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  • click “Promote” under any entry,
  • using the Community Promotion section that appears below Posts.

In the “Community Promotion” section, you can not only manage ads or ask Support questions, but also read free educational materials from the VK Team for Business. They will teach you how to effectively develop a community in VK: from design and maintenance of a page to creating ads of any format. The section also presents successful cases on promoting VKontakte: universal for all areas of business, as well as specialized for beauty and auto services. In the future, there will be more materials with point advice for specific areas.

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Daria Kostyuk, head of SMB VKontakte department:

“The world has become as“ mobile ”as possible: now half (50.2%) of users use VKontakte only from mobile devices, and 37.8% alternate between mobile and desktop versions. We also see a high need for small and medium-sized businesses to promote their services and products “on the go” and “on the run” – in the rhythm in which they live every day. Now they have such an opportunity: thanks to the management of advertising in the VK mobile application, they in a couple of taps they will be able to tell potential customers about themselves.

Our mission is not only to simplify the promotion of communities, but also to educate entrepreneurs: we want to tell you how easy it is to develop your business on social networks and show cool examples of those who have already succeeded “

Earlier, automatic price control appeared in the VK advertising account, and it also became possible to attach links to videos.

Source: Press release VKontakte

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