Ways to increase audience engagement on TikTok


TikTok’s specific algorithms and a special display system make it easy to gain a subscriber base. The main thing is to choose a topic that is relevant for the target audience, in which you are an expert, and also release original videos without serious delays.

Another question is how to increase the activity of existing viewers. Agree, it takes more effort and, perhaps, even changes to your content strategy.

In today’s article, you will learn how to raise your Tik Tok. Get expert recommendations for increasing engagement with visual examples.


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Tips for Growing Subscriber Activity

Moving on to specific recommendations for account development.

Add zest

Uninteresting, faceless videos rarely appear in TikTok’s Recommendations. Want to get the most views and reactions? Then you need to stand out from other bloggers, do something interesting and memorable.

Also, you can come up with a feature that will be present in all of your videos. For example, host a channel on behalf of a movie character or your pet.

Work on video quality

Now the technical aspects are very important: shooting and editing videos. You can also shoot video with a smartphone camera, but it’s important to take care of good lighting, sound and image stabilization – this will help you with a ring light, a lavalier microphone and a tripod. Content shot from different angles collects a lot of likes and comments. You may need an assistant assistant.

As for processing, you can limit yourself to the built-in TikTok functionality. Or additionally test the capabilities of third-party applications. But keep in mind: effects and filters should emphasize the mood of the video, place the right accents. Don’t add special effects just for the sake of special effects.

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Take part in challenges

Launching your own challenge at TikTok is a very costly way to attract public attention. But you can also get profit from participating in other people’s challenges. Choose a popular option within the framework of your theme and shoot an author’s video, adding a mood and a memorable flavor to it.

challenges in tik tok

Explore the latest trends

Follow fashion trends on TikTok and other social networks, embed suitable ones in your videos. Such clips have high viral potential.

You can insert a musical hit, a new effect, or just shoot a video on a hype topic. However, try to do without open ridicule and anger – there is a possibility of ruining your reputation and getting a shadow ban.

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Experiment with formats

Shoot sketches, pranks, touching videos, social videos, instructions. Conduct polls and contests, show tricks. The main thing is that the selected type of content fits into the concept of your account and is liked by the target audience.

As a source of inspiration, you can take ideas from popular Tiktokers and your niche competitors. But be sure to modify the idea for the channel and add something of your own to it.

Chat with subscribers

Adding a call to action in the video description always has a positive effect on conversions. For example, “Like it if it’s vital”, “Write a comment if you expect a continuation.” You can also ask your target audience questions: “Do you think so too?”, “What would you do in my place?”, “Do you like holidays?”

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Be sure to reply to every comment you leave. After receiving feedback from you, users will become more active in writing comments.

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Create collaborations

This is a short-term collaboration between two bloggers in order to achieve common goals. In this case, in order to exchange subscribers and increase the number of likes / reposts / comments.

For collaborations, choose TikTokers with a similar number of subscribers (top bloggers won’t want to do this for free) and a similar audience.

You can collaborate online or shoot collaborative videos in reality. The first option involves recording duets / reactions, holding a general competition, the second one opens up many opportunities for creating cool content. For example, you can film a dance together or a scene from a movie, record an interview or a video about doing charity work together.

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Post videos more often

The more new clips, the higher the chances of falling in love with subscribers, not letting them get bored and forget about you. In addition, regular publications increase the likelihood of appearing in Recommendations.

To focus on the quality of your content, entrust your daily tasks to the ToTop Tool. In it, you can easily set up deferred posting for weeks or even months in advance. This will save you time and be able to stick to your content plan under all circumstances.

Instead of output

Use the recommendations in this article to win the sympathy of your target audience and increase their activity. Don’t forget to study the statistics: take note of the most successful topics, formats and publication times.

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