We draw up a technical specification for a designer: sample

In order for your content or advertising on Instagram to work effectively, you need to make sure that the designer can understand the tasks – for this, a technical task is written. Let’s figure out what elements can be included in the TK, how to write them and what to indicate. Let’s analyze two formats at once – Stories and Posts.

So, to work, a designer needs to know the requirements for the following elements of Instagram creatives:

  1. Feature of color solutions and brand identity for social networks.
  2. Format – indicate the size and resolution of the finished files.
  3. Text is a finished material, proofread by an editor and proofreader, without abbreviations.
  4. Number of slides – with a detailed description of each slide.
  5. The presence of a link and a call (for stories) is written at the bottom of the main text.
  6. References – examples of design, if necessary.
  7. Sources for work – all files processed by a retoucher for work.

Important! Before starting work, decide with a designer where it will be more convenient for you to work with creatives – it can be Google Docs, Trello, Notion or ActivCollab. Or maybe you will discuss the creation of creatives in the Facebook group chat, VKontakte or the general Telegram chat? The choice is yours.

Now let’s go through each of the points and give examples of how it is written. In the end, we will have a template / example of a full-fledged technical specification for an Instagram designer.

Colors – guidelines

If your brand does not have an established identity for the use of certain visual solutions, then in the TK for Instagram the designer must register:

  1. Preferred decoration colors.
  2. Prohibited colors.

We register them if there is no common document. So, for example, in a project on femininity courses we have a ban on the use of black in design. Naturally, this client’s request does not concern the font color.

Format wishes

We register the required resolution and format (story / post with one photo or gallery). Large companies often have pre-defined regulations for creating media files, including for social networks. We wrote a detailed article on the SMMplanner blog on the publication formats for Instagram, you can make documents for your business based on it.

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And in the TK we can simply write the following:

  1. Make a story with a resolution of 1080 px × 1920 px.

if there are several slides, and they have different photos, you will need to specify a photo for each slide. Or as in the example above – the same photo, but different text

Placing text

I never write directions for a designer on where to place text, in what font and color. Preferred fonts and a uniform color scheme are prescribed at the stage of creating an SMM strategy, so designers always get access to it and even take part in its creation in terms of visuals.

When hiring a design specialist, you need to trust his taste – for this, study the designer’s portfolio first. Ask to see his work: If you like the Instagram accounts he has designed, chances are his design for your content won’t disappoint you. That is why I delegate the placement of text on stories to designers and do not waste time on the agony of choice.

The main thing in the text is to give it for proofreading so that it can be checked for errors before the designer starts creating the creative. It is also worth worrying about the amount of text on a separate slide in advance. We do not have clear, sign-written restrictions, experienced content and story-makers, so they imagine how much text can be read on one story, for example. As for the posts, the inscriptions there are even shorter.

We write the following content in the TK:

  1. Place the text on the slide: “Hi, I’m Leah from SMMPlanner. I love my job”

Specifying the number of slides

In long sheets of text – i.e. long posts, the description of which goes beyond 2200 characters, most often the rest of the text is placed in the gallery after the photo. With the advent of the ability to post a pinned comment on Instagram, this format is gradually disappearing. However, many still make such galleries. As a rule, designers get just text to place with a plus – references for creating such text photos.

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In a story, the number of slides will naturally depend on the amount of text. The more text, the more slides. This is primarily due to the fact that a large amount of text cannot be read in 15 seconds. Therefore, copywriters write the text and divide it into slides, in advance, without shifting it to the designer. But you can always ask for help if you have any doubts:

the designer gets clear text that cannot be changed
the designer gets clear text that cannot be changed

We write in the TK:

  1. Number of slides per story: 1.

Link and call placement

Naturally, we’re talking more about stories than photos for posts. But a call to post on the main Instagram feed can be easily placed at the end of a video, for example. By the way, we have written on a blog and are constantly updating an article about videos on Instagram, I recommend reading it – there is a lot of useful information there.

If you remember, a call or call-to-action is an important part of ad creatives. With the help of appeals, we make it easier for the user to interact with the content and at the same time pursue our marketing goals by manipulating the user’s attention.

If you want, you can specify the format for implementation: for example, smiley, gif, arrow.

It is important to remember – the appeal is written at the bottom of the main text. If you attach a link, it will be automatically attached to Instagram as an arrow with the text “More”. The designer knows this, so he will take this feature into account when creating.

  1. Link / call: use an animated arrow and place the trail link https //: …

There is one more nuance – if your designer and posting manager are the same person, then in the TK you need to immediately register the link address. If not, then give the file and the link to another responsible specialist. You can post both stories and posts at a clearly set time and the possibility of teamwork in the SMMplanner service.

Demonstration examples

References are an important part of interacting with a designer. If you have a clear idea of ​​what the content should look like, try to find examples. This way you will save your time and the time of a specialist. You can also avoid disputes.

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You can also search for references on Instagram itself – for example, we have prepared 15 ideas for inspiration for you. Very often in search of examples of post and story design, I turn to Pinterest. So, we place visual examples of creative design in the TK. Moreover, it is advisable to indicate which idea should be taken for implementation.

  1. References:

I will sign in the TK what I want: either handwritten text or animation in the form of a notification, as in the second example
I will sign in the TK what I want: either handwritten text or animation in the form of a notification, as in the second example

Providing sources

Here you need access to the photo bank of your project if you post personal photos in publications. If you cannot decide for yourself, agree that the designer will choose himself. Move all published photos to a separate folder to avoid duplication. So, for example, on one of my projects it is not customary to post advertising creatives with new photos, only those that have already been published in the Instagram feed.

Naturally, discuss in advance which photographs reach the designer – directly from the photographer, without retouching, or – already pre-processed. The sources are attached with files, or with a link to the disk (Google or Yandex, you decide). In my example, there are no sources, for example

  1. Sources: absent

What the TK looks like for a designer – the result

So, we figured out step by step what exactly is prescribed in the TK. Now let’s see how it looks in its entirety:

Terms of reference for a designer Instagram – template:

  1. Preferred decoration colors.
  2. Prohibited colors.
  3. Task: make a story with a resolution of 1080 px × 1920 px.
  4. Place the following text on the slide: “Hi, I’m Leah from SMMplanner. I love my job”
  5. Number of slides per story: 1.
  6. Link / call: use an animated arrow and lead to @smmplanner
  7. References: 1.gif and 2.gif
  8. Sources: absent.

Of course, not all items are required for the tasks of specific projects. It is best to agree on the format of the TK onshore when you enter into cooperation with a designer. Nice and effective work for you and real Instagram-Zen!

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