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Legal services are difficult to promote on social media. They cannot be profitably photographed and shown, colorfully described, and a story about them cannot be made.
But you can promote a lawyer’s account on Instagram: thanks to the content and work with subscribers, the lawyer will receive clients from this social network. We will tell you what needs to be done.

Customize profile header

Subscribe to legal accounts to receive:

  1. Useful content about your rights or obligations of the state;
  2. A small consultation on household issues, for example, how to register in an apartment;
  3. Information about new laws affecting the lives of citizens, such as changes in traffic rules.

Therefore, in the profile header, you need to indicate information useful for the subscriber: profession – “lawyer”, “lawyer”, real name, surname of the lawyer, ways of contacting him, for example, phone, direct.

Do not write about anything that is not related to legal activity, some quotes, a life position a la “my work is a struggle between good and evil.” None of this has any practical meaning.

You can ask for advice in the comments – good, but how can 4 children help solve a legal problem?

Subscribers, having read the profile header, should immediately understand that the account is maintained by an NN lawyer with such and such specialization, you can contact him this way and that.

How can lawyer Nikola help? Unclear
How can lawyer Nikola help? Unclear

You can briefly describe the services, for example, I advise, draw up claims and contracts, participate in negotiations.

If a lawyer has received the status of a lawyer, then it is better to confirm his Instagram account for him – this way there will be more trust on the part of clients.

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The lawyer’s account also needs to be filled out, in addition to the name and surname and specialization, you must indicate the number in the register of lawyers.

Do not use stock pictures

Everyone is already fed up with pictures of Themis, girls in office suits or coffee with a laptop. And those who subscribed to the lawyer’s page understand that legal services are not beautiful pictures and photographs, but concrete solutions to specific problems.

Therefore, on the card you need to write a question – the pain of clients, and under it you should already reveal the thought.

Many lawyers take photographs of themselves and put questions on them. This is also a good move, but you need to remember that, first of all, the reader’s pain, it should be highlighted in bright, large print, and you should slightly muffle yourself in the photo.

Avoid difficult terms in posts

Fill in useful content. Lawyers can write under the cards:

  • about novelties in laws,
  • about your successful deeds,
  • clarifications on legal issues,
  • your opinion on bills, adopted laws, on politics – with caution.

See our selection of post ideas for instructions and examples for each format.

Posts can occasionally be diluted with personal content, for example, to share the joy of a trip abroad. Readers want to see those who write, to make sure that they are a living person, just like themselves.

The content should be perceived easily, so in your posts, write in simple language, avoiding terms, confusion and complex phrases. Especially when you describe cases from your practice.

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Small stories can be composed of working moments
Small stories can be composed of working moments

Chat with subscribers

This is perhaps the key point – communicate with subscribers, answer their questions, like answers. People came to find answers to their questions. Found the answer once, will come again and again.

It is clear that if there are several thousand subscribers, it is impossible to track all comments, but at the initial stage everyone needs to respond, even if you prepared a series of posts in advance and released them using SMMplanner.

In addition, active correspondence will increase the rating of the account, it will rise in the search feed.

Actively use History

In Stories you can publish:

  • Cards with a brief explanation of any legal things, for example, how to register an individual entrepreneur;
  • Tests and polls. For example, to check how carefully you read the post;
  • Moments from your work, for example, waiting in the court corridor;
  • Actions the lawyer wants to carry out. For example, a free contract audit;
  • Reminder that there will be a live stream or post announcement soon;
  • Screenshots from the correspondence where the client thanks for the help.

Personal content – children, animals, apartments, cars – is of interest to subscribers, but it’s better not to abuse it. This shouldn’t be enough on professional pages.

Before the live broadcast, collect the questions with a sticker in the stories, so you can understand what worries your subscribers. During the broadcast, do not throw in terms and complex phrases, do not pronounce the date and number of the court order – this is very difficult to perceive. Speak simply and clearly, as if you were explaining to an elderly parent.

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How to Promote Legal Services on Instagram: Checklist

Instead of a conclusion, let’s summarize. So, what you need to do if you want to effectively promote your lawyer services in a popular photo network:

  1. Fill in the profile header with only practical information – indicate the last name, first name, profession, specialization, communication method;
  2. Instead of stock images, choosing neutral cards on which to print questions is the pain of subscribers;
  3. Fill in only useful content;
  4. Sometimes diluted with personal content;
  5. Communicate actively with subscribers;
  6. Conduct live broadcasts.

Rather register in SMMplanner and try what is described in the article!

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