Webinars: How To Quickly Convert Leads To Leads

Every potential client of yours has every chance of becoming a lead. And in the near future. Of course, the hottest ones will come in anyway.

29 november 2018

Every potential client of yours has every chance of becoming a lead. And in the near future. Of course, the hottest ones will come in anyway. But there are still doubters, undecided, or simply insufficiently aware of the delights of your product.

They need to be nudged a little. A little bit. Polite and unobtrusive. At the same time, it is advisable to take care of the client, demonstrate your attention and create the most comfortable conditions. With this approach, the client voluntarily, without time limits and stupid actions, will press the “place an order” button himself with a satisfied smile on his face.

There are several effective ways to convert leads into leads. Let’s consider briefly the features of each of them.

1. A systematic approach to blogging

Blogging is even easier than going to the gym. Well, if you imagine that some kind uncle has built a modern gym (made you a cool modern website) and you just have to visit. But to keep fit, you need to go to the gym at least three times a week, and sometimes more often. And it is enough to write to the blog only once a week, and sometimes once a month. The main thing is not to quit.

In either case, the first results will be after about 50 workouts (good, correctly optimized texts for keywords).

With the help of a well-written content plan and strong authors, even without an editor, you can start getting decent organic traffic in the first six months of working on the site.

Today everyone starts their blog, even such large and popular webinar platforms as Clickmeeting are trying to attract their potential customers not with trivial promotions and price reductions, but gain trust bit by bit, through the regular publication of interesting and valuable materials.

2. Give people less choice

There are two sites. One provides contextual advertising services, SEO

promotion, offers targeting, design, copywriting, promotion on Instagram, work with opinion leaders and what the hell knows what.

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And there is another site that specializes in SEO and PPC advertising. Services can be ordered separately. But the website says that when you order a package, you will receive a good discount on the context. At the same time, while the specialists are setting up SEO, the first clients will already go.

In what situation do you think it is easier for a client to find his bearings and make a choice? Especially when you consider that this client may be such a word that SEO hears for the third time in his life?

In fact, you don’t have to think here. Because everything has already been invented for us and formulated in the so-called Hick’s law. According to him, the less a person has options to choose from, the faster he decides in favor of one of these options.

3. Shoot a video

YouTube is a site with fantastic potential. On the one hand, it resembles a casino. Many bloggers, sometimes unaware of it themselves, start to make quality content right from the start, literally burst into the minds of viewers and create channels with millions of views and subscribers.

This is the so-called wild traffic. And it works not only where new games are tested on video or taught how to distinguish good from bad beer. Many companies are turning the YouTube channel into a true modern lead generation channel. At the same time, the content is so high quality that you can’t take your eyes off it.

For example, if you sell the same wobblers and every time you show how an experienced fisherman catches large pikes or walleyes with different types of artificial bait, you will definitely not have a shortage of subscribers. Especially if the action takes place on a reservoir around which your potential buyers live.

4. Create closed videos

All videos have different informational value. It is difficult to argue with this statement. But to benefit from it is always welcome. Show the audience a part of the video for free, and close the access to the second with an easily overcome barrier.

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For example, ask the user to leave an email address in exchange for being able to watch the video to the end. These forms work especially well when the video is interrupted at the most interesting place. But you should not take this technique as a basic rule. It is always best to act according to the specifics of each situation.

5. Individual approach to the client

Each lead is, first of all, a person. Surprise surprise! What does this mean for us? Probably, every lead has his own psychological problems, questions, addictions, hobbies and inclinations.

The more detailed and accurate we solve all these things, the easier it will be to work with the mechanism of converting potential customers into leads. Start by designing a client avatar and the hard work is sure to pay off in the short to medium term.

Start with simple things:

  • Get the most out of your prospect.
  • Understand what your target audience is aiming for in the first place.
  • Think how much this has to do with what these people really want.
  • Explore the client’s main fears and pains.
  • Try to analyze what psychological barriers prevent a person from buying a product or ordering a service.

6. Launch promotions

With the help of small marketing tricks, your sales proposal can really be improved at least several times. The expediency of using a specific promotion depends on the client, the characteristics of the product and the market situation. Here again, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The most famous and proven stocks, with rare exceptions, are working properly to this day:

  • Test use.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Free utility.
  • Time limit.
  • A discount.
  • Win-win lottery.
  • Additional bonus.
  • First purchase.
  • Installment plan.

And everything is in the same spirit. The list of working stocks that are regularly used in business today can be continued for a very long time.

7. Offer useful information in exchange for contact information

How willing would you be to share your email address with someone else? Probably just walk by. And if for this, in fact, a simple action, you will be offered some value? For example, an interesting video tutorial, access to an e-book, or an interesting step-by-step instruction. If the offered free utility affects your area of ​​interest, you, most likely, with a light heart, enter an email address in the line and click the “Get Free” button.

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Time has shown that it is the PDF book that has established itself as the best way to get customer contacts.

8. Assure the client of the confidentiality of his data

Today, there is a lot of talk on the Internet about scammers who now and then strive to use the email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and credit card numbers that we inadvertently left in various places.

Make it clear to the client directly and clearly that you are interested in saving the received data no less than himself and pay enough attention to privacy issues.

This approach will immediately raise the level of trust and loyalty to your company on the part of the client. This will happen because saving data is not a trivial attempt to politely sell and not even an after-sales service, without which there is nowhere, but a real concern for the company’s client, which speaks about the level of consciousness and civilization of your business as a whole.


Even if you use only two or three of the methods listed above, but do it regularly, the systematic approach will sooner or later bring its logical results. The main thing is to initially choose the right methods of working with potential clients.

A simple example. A potential client knows that a very interesting and high-quality video on a topic of interest to him is released on your YouTube channel once a week. A person subscribes to the channel and (suppose) on Mondays, enjoys watching the long-awaited material.

Thus, you have a stable opportunity to interact with a potential customer on a regular basis, his loyalty to the product is gradually growing and over time, a simple subscriber of the YouTube channel is transformed into a lead, and after a short time, possibly into a regular customer.

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