What are “Clips” on VKontakte and how they will work

VKontakte answered the questions most often asked by users after the “Clips” section appeared in the mobile application. We publish the main theses.

UPD: we have already published the corresponding articleHow to shoot a video in VK

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What are “Clips” in VK

“Clips” is a new section with an endless feed of short vertical videos on topics from entertainment to education. You can view them in the fourth tab of the VKontakte application.

If you have not yet got the Clips section, update the VKontakte mobile application. It will be possible to view “Clips” in the fourth tab, where the “Friends” section used to be.

You can watch the clips only in the VKontakte mobile application, since it is more convenient to watch short vertical videos on smartphones. At the same time, videos can also be found in the computer version – for example, on the user’s page or in private messages. In this case, the clip will also open.

Can I shoot my clip

The section is new, and so far the clips are published only by invited authors. Soon all users will be able to post their own videos. The exact launch date is still unknown, but according to the developers, it won’t be long to wait.

  • Music for clips will be located in the track directory from the “Clips” section. Hundreds of thousands of tracks are available to authors, and the number of songs is constantly growing. The music from the clips can be saved in your audio recordings.
  • Moderation… Clips, like any other content, must comply with the VKontakte rules. Clips that violate them will be blocked.
  • Clips will be available to communities… This opportunity will appear after the social network starts shooting clips for all users.
  • Monetization… VKontakte is creating an affiliate program that will help authors earn money from their work. Details about its conditions will appear later.
  • What are video gestures? Gestures simplify the process of creating clips. For example, you can start or stop shooting a video by simply showing a sign to the camera. You can also enable special effects using gestures.
    Is it possible to shoot your video on VKontakte
  • Effects… There are many effects and masks available in the clip camera. Some of them can already be seen in the videos of invited authors. More details about the unique mechanics in the Clips will become known later.

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How the recommendation feed with clips will work

Recommendations take into account the posts and comments liked by the user, subscriptions, favorite content formats, activity in communities and other sections of VKontakte. Activity will help algorithms select and recommend new clips – just like the recommendations in Tik-Tok.

  • It is not interesting… If the user does not like the clip, while watching the clip, he can click on the three dots in the lower right corner of the screen and select “This is not interesting” – then the tape will show fewer similar videos.
  • Subscription feed… Now the clips are being formed on the basis of recommendations. There is no separate feed with subscriptions yet, but videos of people you follow will be shown among the first. Perhaps a separate feed of subscriptions will appear in the future.
  • Liked videos… Clips marked “Like” go to the “Liked” section. You cannot add clips to favorites yet, but such a function will definitely appear later.

Is it possible to hide the “Clips” section

There is no such possibility. Video content is an integral part of the VKontakte application and the social network relies on it for further development.

The “Friends” tab has also moved. Now you can see the list of your friends in the second tab, which is called “Overview”. There is also a list of communities, music and gadgets.

It is impossible to change the sections “Friends” and “Clips” and such an opportunity is not planned.

Earlier, VKontakte added the ability to invite friends of your friends to conversations, as well as new sources of referrals to group statistics.

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