What are gifts on Tik Tok and how to give them in 2021?

Gifts at TikTok are a way to thank or just please Live streamers. They are available to every user and help bloggers develop their channel and make money on this business. Read about how to send them to TikTok in this article.

What are gifts on Tik Tok and why are they needed?

You can give gifts during the live broadcast. Another user will see the present on the screen as an animation – Gifts. To increase virtual support, popular TikTokers promise to announce live the names of bloggers who have sent them gifts. To express their gratitude for the presentations, bloggers who received them subscribe to the donor’s channel.

What gifts are there and how much do they cost?

types of gifts in tik tok

Developers for choosing a gift TikTok offer 8 types, which are distinctive in value:

  • a panda with pink glasses worth 5 coins;
  • an Italian hand holding a leaning tower of Pisa, worth 5 coins;
  • shot of love – an entertaining animation depicting a heart on two legs, which gives a blue heart – 25 coins;
  • sun cream – a relaxing sausage that smears itself with mustard for 50 coins;
  • rainbow vomit for 100 coins;
  • a concert depicting a purple guitar for 500 coins;
  • “I’m a very rich man with a funny hat” for 1000 coins;
  • The drama queen with white hair for 5,000 coins.

Drama Queen is a special title that is given to a person who loves to be in the center of events by any means. He is ready to scandalize, behave rudely and very often takes everything violently too much.

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How to give gifts?

To be able to deliver a presentation, you must follow the algorithm.

  1. Download the app.how to give a gift in tik tok step 1
  2. Open your wallet.how to give a gift in tik tok step 2
  3. Check your balance to make sure there is enough money in the account.how to give a gift in tik tok step 3
  4. Click on the icon that displays the speech bubble.
  5. Open “Inbox / Inbox”.how to give a tik tok gift to another person
  6. follow the “Like / Like” or “Comments / All” transition.
  7. Check “Watch”.
  8. In the open list, select a gift, click on it.

If a blogger starts a live broadcast, the system will automatically notify subscribers about it. Gratitude is not sent to the profile or PM.

  1. Click on “Live broadcasts”.
  2. Choose a pink badge that looks like a gift box.
  3. A list of 8 items will open, select the one you need.

The uploaded animation will be visible to everyone who participates in the streamer’s live broadcast.

What’s in the gift

The application has a special game “Guess the Gift”, in which users shoot short videos as they themselves or their subscribers try to guess what is hidden there. A beautiful wrapped box is displayed in front of the player. You can’t open it, you just need to guess what might be there.

box with a gift in tik tok

Guessing videos are very popular. To activate it, you need to log into your account, follow the hashtag. And just try to guess what might be hidden in the box.

How to get a gift at Tik Tok?

To receive a gift, you must be an active user, collect a large audience during live broadcasts. Shoot videos that will suit the taste of the user of the social network. To buy a gift to send to your favorite blogger, you must initially buy special coins.

Paid coins are credited to the account. After that, you can purchase the selected present for them.

Can gifts be exchanged for diamonds?

exchange of gifts for money

Coins can be exchanged for currency, just like gifts received for diamonds. As soon as you send someone a gift, its value will be deducted from the balance, but displayed as a diamond.

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From gifts to diamond

Diamonds help assess the level of praise of a particular user. They are not bought, they only accumulate.

How to withdraw diamonds to a real account

Diamonds cannot be purchased on the platform, but can be exchanged for cash. To find out the number of diamonds in the account, see the accumulation in the account. The minimum withdrawal amount is at least $ 100, and the maximum amount is $ 1000.

withdrawal of diamonds to a real account in tik tok

Keep in mind that none of the currencies can be sold to another user. For personal use only.

What to give to Tiktoker?

If your friend or loved one is fond of or even makes money by running a social network, then choosing an original gift for him is easy. For example, Tik Tok headphone chips. And also other useful things with brand names. A real fan will definitely appreciate such a present.

gift to tiktoker

In general, the following options are offered related to the TikTok application:

  • smartphone case;
  • backpack;
  • cover for a passport or student;
  • sweatshirt with a cool image;
  • bottle;
  • headdress;
  • notebook;
  • comfortable pillow with a print.

It is noteworthy that the application itself is not averse to making gifts to popular streamers. TikTok sends gifts in a box: branded T-shirt, mobile holder, shopper and stickers. And often it is for birthdays.

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