What are the criteria for choosing a topic for content on TikTok

We have already made a selection of Tik Tok video ideas for all occasions. However, even if you have found a suitable idea, you need to understand: is it worth creating a video on this topic, whether it will bring the desired result.

In today’s article, you will learn what parameters should be used to evaluate topics and how to do it correctly.

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Criteria for choosing a topic in Tik Tok

We have selected five key parameters for you to choose a good theme. Ideally, it should match at least a few of them.

Your goal

You should not publish content for the sake of content. Even entertaining videos are capable of performing different tasks: highlighting your expertise / product value, increasing subscriber engagement and attracting new audiences.

Choose topics that are relevant to the topic of your account and are interesting to the target audience. You can take a popular topic and create awesome content that outperforms a similar post from a competitor and brings in a lot of views and likes. If you want to choose a unique theme, consider how relevant it is. Perhaps Tik Tokers don’t use it due to low demand.

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Meeting the needs of subscribers

Continuing the previous point. Make sure the topic is of interest to your specific target audience. Even if the idea you have chosen is relevant to many, it is not a fact that it will cause a stir among your subscribers.

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On the other hand, the topic can be modified and made relevant to the target audience. For example, not just talk about the innovations in TikTok, but publish a selection of tips “How to get to the TOP”.

To better understand the preferences of the target audience, analyze similar accounts and communicate with your audience. You can do a poll or conduct a live broadcast, where viewers will tell you what exactly they care about.

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Value and benefit

Evaluate your favorite topic from the point of view of a potential viewer: why should he watch your video, what will it give him?

As for the practical use, themed life hacks, master classes and step-by-step instructions are excellent at Tik Tok. But the benefits are not only posts “How to do …”, but also clips that satisfy curiosity and raise the mood. If you manage to evoke strong emotions in subscribers, the video will earn many views, likes and comments. Such content is often shared with friends, in most cases it ends up in the “Recommendations”.

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Look for hot topics, keep track of the latest news from your industry. Focus on TikTok trends and your own logic. Don’t tell your subscribers in the summer how to choose a jacket or prepare an outfit for Halloween. It would be more logical to advise countries for a vacation, download a video recipe for a cooling drink.


Be forward-thinking – choose an “evergreen” theme that will interest viewers for a long time. For example, “How to make a beautiful photo for social networks”, “What to give to your soulmate”, “Secrets of problem skin care”.

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When choosing a topic for content in TikTok, be guided not only by your own likes, but also by the topic of the channel, the specifics of your target audience.

Ideally, the video theme should:

  • complete the task;
  • meet the needs of subscribers;
  • have value and benefit;
  • be relevant and versatile.

Don’t forget the importance of covering your topic and creating really high-quality videos. Try to evaluate the content from the point of view of a potential viewer and, if necessary, adjust the video for it.

We also recommend setting up auto-posting in the ToTop Tool program. This way you can effectively promote your profile with minimal effort and time.

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