What does “Rek” mean in tik tok and how to get there?

Don’t know what rivers in Tik Tok are? The social network recently acquired the music.ly service. In such a short time, the program has been downloaded by more than 200 million people. Not surprising, because every second teenager uses the service on their gadgets. The main task of the site is to create interesting content, educational tutorials and videos. Everyone is fighting for popularity on the platform. The more views, the higher the account is in the TOP. When you first open it, users have a lot of questions. On user forums, the main queries are related to the word “rivers”. The article will help to understand the issue. Study the material so as not to face difficulties in the operation of the application.

What does the word “Rek” mean in Tik Tok?

Rivers in Tik Tok – denotes the category where the most popular video platforms are located. They get there through views by viewers. It will take time and desire to promote your profile. Before recording a clip, click on the button with the “+” icon. It allows you to start recording a video. We recommend using the built-in effects and filters before clicking. Pay attention to the animations as well. Set the parameters and start shooting the clip. When turned on, the so-called indicator will light up on the displays. It shows the amount of recorded time. The maximum video length is 15 seconds. Therefore, write a short script before you start recording. Come up with an idea and bring it to life.

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To remove the video, you must:

  1. Use the AppStore or PlayMarket online store. Search for the program of the same name and install it on your smartphone.
  2. Run the utility and register in the system.
  3. Now click on the “+” icon in the center of the screen.
  4. Click on the “Music” section and add a popular track. This will improve the video and help bring it to the TOP.

How to get to the rivers in Tik Tok?

To get into the recommendations, you need to constantly publish interesting content. Choose a certain direction and develop in this business. At the moment, dance tutorials and training videos are considered trending. Show users your talent or personality. Don’t be afraid to sound funny. The audience values ​​individuals. Do not bypass various challenges, take part in mutual advertising.which means rivers in tik tok

Create an attractive profile

An interesting account catches the viewer’s attention from the first seconds. Create an attractive profile header, write a brief information about yourself. Don’t forget to add a cool photo. This will increase the chances that the person will be interested in the profile. When specifying personal data, do not publish detailed information about the place of residence. This is necessary for security, because everyone will have access to this data.

Find the right soundtrack

Clips are recorded with soundtrack. Therefore, select soundtracks depending on the subject of the video sequence. The platform provides short snippets of sounds. They cannot be edited. Bloggers use a variety of tricks. One of them is to enable the song on any additional device. Tik Tok will define it as “original sound”.

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Create unique videos

Shoot video sequences in interesting locations. Users create streams in interesting places. The most provocative videos are filmed in public places. Bloggers want to see the reaction of ordinary passers-by. Interesting ideas to create:

  • Lip Sync video, record a lip sync clip;
  • clips with a friend or duets;
  • family video, videos with family members or pets.

Quality and regularity of video creation

The easiest way to promote your account is to post content daily. Keep in touch constantly. The more good material, the more subscribers. But don’t forget that viral content doesn’t bring in audience numbers. On the contrary, it negatively affects the development of the page. Release one or two videos to get positive results.

Use trending hashtags

Hashtags are identification marks that allow you to find a video among the rest. Provide an opportunity to acquire new subscribers. Popular hashtag is #ForYou. Add to each new clip.


Other social networks to help

Use all sorts of ways to promote. Share your profile on other social networks. Leave a link to your account everywhere. It is also easy to upload videos to Instragram.

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