What does the word Crash mean in Tik Tok: pictures, songs

Do you know who the crash in Tik Tok is? The social network of the same name is full of various trending videos. Crash rollers are considered one of the novelties on the platform. When translated from English, “crush” means to crush. Despite this, in the slang of the Tik Tok application, such a term is considered as falling in love. Thus, under this name is a person who likes. Cool fragments go to the Top. In this section, everyone will find content of interest. Do you want to be in trend? Shoot interesting video clips, upload them to the network, get likes and comments.

What does Tik Tok crash mean?

The service is famous for its cool ideas and videos. Everyone will be able to gain popularity here. The main thing is to gradually wind up subscribers and views. Do not buy bags for massage or massliking. It’s better to post quality content all the time. Otherwise, when using such methods, the account will be blocked. Pay attention to crush trends. Meet a beautiful girl or guy on the platform. Make a clip and confess your sympathy for the opposite sex. Such cute videos will not go unnoticed by the target audience.

Pictures-cards for crash Tik Tok

drawings for crash from teak tok

Cards for crash in Tik Tok are signs of attention to a person you like. Send such a present to the other half. Drawings will demonstrate population and attitudes. They are absolutely free and available to everyone. Download and use constantly.

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