What does Tik Tok clown smiley mean and how to do it?

Not sure what the clown emoticon means in Tik Tok? The social network of the same name appeared just a couple of years ago. Account users have the ability to record various video and photo content. The application was created for publishing videos on the page. The most popular topics are tutorials and dance fragments. On the platform, they also communicate with subscribers and share useful information. The program offers various decorations to decorate the video. Users use different masks, special effects, filters and symbols. They hide the blogger’s face or change it. They are included to diversify the clip and make it memorable.

What does the Tik Tok clown smiley mean?

Tik Tok clown is a popular smiley on the Internet. Despite widespread popularity, he is a controversial character. In 2021, he became the hero of many horror films. The character instills fear in those who have clown phobias. On the platform, a smiley has several meanings:

  1. Cheerful – defines a positive mood, sent as an endorsement. Used for congratulations, funny videos and funny comments. This is a great opportunity to grab the attention of your audience and friends.
  2. The evil one has a terrible scary make-up. He is sent in case of indignation. Smile scares subscribers and expresses dissatisfaction.

This color gives a mysterious atmosphere. Bright, memorable content attracts viewers and raises an account in the TOP. The main thing is to get as many followers and likes as possible.

Possibilities of using the emoticon

“Clown Face” is a cool emoji used by both bloggers and novice users. Decryption code is U + 1F921. The image is suitable for creating a non-standard clip, for the interest of the public. The design of the evil clown provides an atmosphere of mystery. With this emoji, make a vivid picture in the frame. Cheerful color – invigorates the user and tune in to positive. Any joke is perceived with considerable interest. At the same time, the smiley is used in combination with a special hashtag.

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Tik Tok clown makeup

clown makeup on tiktok

Everybody associates clown makeup with entertainment. Some people love this funny “jester”, while others are afraid on the contrary. Smile is inserted as a decor for videos, comments and messages.

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