What is a Tik Tok shadow ban and how to get out of it in 2021?


“What is a shadow ban in Tik Tok?” – an interesting question of 2021 for those who are just starting to learn the features of this social network. Read more about how to remove it in this article.

What is a shadow ban on Tik Tok?

It is noteworthy that in Tik Tok, videos can become popular, regardless of quality. In this social network, the interaction of the author and the subscriber is important. The more likes and views, the higher the video rises in rating.

Top posts are considered as follows:

  • recently posted;
  • videos with likes and reposts;
  • various reviews under the video.

If the author fails to achieve such results, then hidden blocking begins. This is what the shadow ban is called in Tik Tok – these are clips that have gained less than 100 views.

How long does it take?

You can control the shadow ban using the Analytics function, which is available only to PRO account owners. To activate the option, follow the algorithm:

  • open a Tik Tok account;
  • go to “Options” / “Account Management”;
  • scroll the page to the end, select “PRO-account”.

At the end of the process, confirm the actions taken. To convince the relevance of the selected topic for the video, do the following:

  • open “Analytics” / “Overview”;
  • click on ‚ÄúContent.

Such a transition is necessary to check the number of views, the dynamics of an increase in subscribers, etc. If the video material is in the shadow bath, then all indicators will not exceed the minimum level. The duration depends on the date of publication of the publication, which will increase the statistical indicators.

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How to get out of the shadow ban in Tik Tok

You can remove the Tik Tok shadow ban in one of several ways.

  1. Refusal from activity for a certain time.
  2. Using services from special cheat exchanges.

But with the second option, you need to be very careful, since too noticeable cheating will lead to the blocking of the account. Refusal to be active means that the user does not publish anything for two days, does not leave comments, etc. This is the time to spend thinking about a new video, hashtags. Then you need to open “Recommendations”, watch interesting videos of other authors and leave your opinion about it.

how to remove the shadow ban in tik tok 3

For top positions, you need to get at least one comment under the video. But if such methods are not effective, then you need to create a second account. First, save all posts on the device you are using, transfer them to another page, interestingly prescribing hashtags. Keep in mind that at least a day must pass between the deactivation of access to one account and the release of a new one.


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