What is “Check” in Tik Tok: the meaning of the word and how to make a “Check” video?

“What does” Check “mean in Tik Tok?” Is an important question for bloggers in 2021 who have not yet had time to deal with this social network trend. More on this below.

What does “Check” mean in Tik Tok?

“Check” or “Check” in the slang of users – refers to video reviews that are based on the personal experience of a blogger. Check from English translates as “check”. In Tik Tok, bloggers in these videos test certain actions and products on themselves, recommending others to use them. This genre allows you to create not only entertaining but also useful content. Main topics spoken about:

  • testing application capabilities after the update is released;
  • checking everyday situations;
  • checking a product or gadget.

When filming reviews of new features of the application, bloggers use various masks, emoticons and other funny additions for a colorful video. And all this in order to increase user interest and earnings on such videos. Everyday situations are filmed in a familiar environment, interesting precedents are created. But often, these are videos that it is better not to repeat at home on your own.

why do they say check in tick tok

An overview of gadgets is a highlight of the advantages and disadvantages of new products in the technical field. Help viewers determine the appropriateness of such a purchase. The youth audience can thus acquire new knowledge. Videos often gather a large audience, arouse active interest and are very popular with subscribers. To increase the interest of the author of the video, hashtags are supplied using special words. And then they are uploaded to the network. It is noteworthy that each subscriber can not only leave comments under the video, but also ask the blogger questions about moments that were not fully understood.

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How to shoot a “Check” video correctly?

Before you come up with the plot of such a video, see how other successful bloggers do it. To do this, open the videos that were included in the recommendations. Watch clips like a cheekbone check – learning how to create them with practical examples. Judiciously assess their pros and cons, highlight interesting points for work. Important conditions for success:

  • unique content;
  • picture quality;

Compliance with these characteristics will allow you to collect a large audience, likes and views. Some people use special cheat sites. They are used to increase traffic.


what does the word check mean in tiktok

No blogger can ignore the existence of Tik Tok, a social network popular among teenagers and allowing them to earn money. The application became popular so quickly that only the lazy does not know about it. Many bloggers on other social media advertise their Tik Tok account in order to attract a steady audience.

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