What is Influence Marketing and How to Use It

Marketing is multifaceted and one of its directions is influencer marketing – cooperation with opinion leaders (bloggers, stars, experts) in order to promote a product.

In this article, we will tell you more about what influencer marketing is, what tasks it solves and how to use it (using the example of working with influencers on social networks).

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What is Influence Marketing in the simplest words

Influence marketing (also called influencer marketing) is when you pay Baba Nina to share your pickles with her girlfriends at the door. This is not a direct aggressive ad – it looks like Baba Nina just shared her impressions. Her friends didn’t even realize it was an advertisement.

That is, you do not directly convey your advertising message to the target audience, but through authoritative people whom your target audience already trusts.

How does it look in practice? An example – a girl started her post with the words that she adores Paris and decided to create a French atmosphere at home – “I drink coffee with aromatic pastries in the morning, I read French classics, I try to learn the language and I want to get to the preparation of onion soup! Most importantly, French self-care with @lorealparis. ” The photo shows the means that she advertises, but it looks as if the girl just decided to talk about what means she uses herself.

* Influence marketing is a more delicate and unobtrusive way to get your message across to your audience than direct advertising.

Features of Influence Marketing:

  • advertising is perceived as part of the content;
  • matches the format of the selected site;
  • does not cause rejection among the majority of users, unlike direct advertising;
  • has a long-term effect.

Important: “Influencer” or “LOM” (public opinion leader) is not necessarily a star with a million audience, it can be a Minecraft streamer, whose game is watched by 5,000 subscribers on Twitch, or Luba’s mother, who created her own microblogging for childcare, who trusted by hundreds of the same mothers. That is, it is any person who has influence on a certain circle of people.

Influence marketing goals and objectives

The choice of a goal depends on the specifics of the business. Most common targets:

  1. Creating demand for a new product – when you are just entering the market or launching a new product in a product line, and you need to attract buyers to it.
  2. Increasing brand awareness
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Example – Nestle, together with Elle magazine, through LOMs, launched an Instagram contest, where you had to upload a photo with a healthy Nestle Fitness breakfast and a post tag #ElleFitness to your account. The best photos could get on the magazine’s page, there was also a stylist consultation and a photo session from Elle.

As a result, the goal was achieved – coverage increased by 20%, and audience engagement tripled, which brought the two brands not only more sales, but also increased awareness.

Influence marketing goals and objectives

  1. Loyalty increase – you buy the loyalty of an audience that already trusts LOM.

    Fact: up to 92% of consumers trust the opinion of influencers more than conventional advertising.

Example – stylist Alexander Rogov posted a photo of his workout in a fitness club with the caption “I continue my painful workouts at @powerstylefitness”. The post does not look like an advertisement, but Rogov’s fans probably thought: “Since he goes to this club, then we need to go there – it’s cool there.”

Influence Marketing Example

  1. Objection processing through an influencer, if you already know your target audience well (what questions are asked, at what stage deals fail). To achieve the goal, content is created (for example, a post on Instagram), in which LOM closes possible objections in advance and answers the most frequent questions of potential customers.

An example is an advertisement for Elseve shampoo and mask by @lorealparis.

Problem that could lead to objections – many of these products promise to remove yellowness from the hair of brunettes, dyed in blondes, but in fact they do not work or work poorly.

The blogger closes this objection with the text: “For all the time with a bright head, I have tried a bunch of products for blondes, which promised to remove yellowness. But I’ll just tell you the one that works: @lorealparis’s new Elseve purple line, which consists of shampoo and mask. The most important thing is that these products remove the very yellowness that spoils the mood every time. “

The question that a client may have is “How often to use this product and how to apply it?” The blogger’s answer (in the same post) – “Can be used only once a week: leave the shampoo for 5 minutes, and the mask for 10. My advice: it is better to apply the products with gloves so that the pigment does not remain on the hands.”

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How to use Influence Marketing

  1. Increased sales… Here it is important to understand that, first of all, influence marketing solves the problem of creating a positive image – it forms an impression about the company and its products. But influencers are not obligated to sell anything – they only influence the opinion of subscribers and attitude towards you, give you traffic, and how you convert it into sales is up to you. Therefore, it is wrong to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign only by the number of sales.
  2. If you are advertising a profile or channel, then the goal may be increase in the number of subscribers

    PS One advertising campaign usually performs several tasks at once, including narrowly targeted ones.

An example of what the tasks of the RC might look like:

  • reach 500 thousand out of 2 million target audience;
  • build an emotional connection with the brand;
  • educate the audience on how to use the product;
  • encourage ordering of trial samples;

How To Use Influence Marketing And Work With Influencers

Step-by-step usage strategy:

We define goals and objectives, calculate the budget

First, we need to decide what we want to get from advertising and how much we are ready to spend on it. As we said above – one advertising campaign is usually created for several tasks – their set depends on a specific product.

Choosing a site for advertising

Ideally, your brand should already be present on the site where the ad will be placed. For example, you advertise flower delivery on Instagram, so this social network should have your official profile.

When choosing a site, you need to take into account the specifics of the business:

  • fashion brands, beauty industry, clothing, accessories – posted on Instagram and YouTube;
  • game products – on Twitch;
  • Anything related to entertainment, brands aimed at a young audience – TikTok will do;
  • advertising of educational programs – Instagram and YouTube;
  • gadgets, finance, business services – YouTube.

Choosing bloggers

Bloggers can be searched manually, through agencies, or on Instagram ad exchanges.

What to look for when choosing an influencer on online platforms, checklist:

  • account age, number of publications;
  • number of subscribers;
  • the ratio of likes and comments to posts;
  • who likes and comments – live subscribers or bots / advertising accounts;
  • video views (normal ratio is at least 15-30% of the number of subscribers);
  • post quality – whether it uses text formatting, emoji, how high-quality the text is, if there are errors in posts;
  • comment quality – how many extended comments, whether there are emoji.
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We check the selected bloggers for cheating

A blogger with audience and profile activity can be a dummy. Many advertisers step on this rake – they find a blogger, pay for advertising, and then it turns out that the audience is winding up and the money is wasted. In order not to waste time and advertising budget on scammers – read our article on how to check bloggers for cheats.

We discuss the terms of cooperation and conclude an agreement

Each influencer has his own terms of cooperation and the amount of payment. Microinfluencers (up to 5,000 subscribers) can agree to barter or take 2,000 – 5,000 rubles for integration, million-plus people charge from several tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of rubles for integration.

Influencers rarely agree to post-pay (unless they are micro or nano influencers). Bloggers are usually paid in advance. More details: How to order advertising from a blogger.

Preparing content

There are 3 options for how to create content:

  1. You create everything yourself, and the blogger only posts;
  2. You create a technical assignment for which the influencer creates content;
  3. The influencer himself comes up with how to advertise you – in this case, there is a high risk of getting the opposite effect from advertising.

In collaboration with a blogger, you need to come up with an advertisement that will look harmonious on his page / channel, look like an unobtrusive recommendation and not cause rejection among subscribers.

Tracking advertising performance

What are the indicators to track performance:

  • the number of new leads or subscribers (if you advertised a profile);
  • payback of the post – ideally, it should pay off in a week or two and bring you a profit;
  • coverage of the publication – you will need to request statistics from the blogger;
  • audience engagement;
  • analytics of the promoted Instagram account;
  • cost of one application.


Influence marketing is one of the tools to attract customers and create a positive image, use it to reach your target audience through influencers they trust.

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