What is reaction on Tik Tok and how to do it?

Reaction to TikTok is a special video format in which a blogger responds to the work of another social network user. Tiktokers are interested in the opinion of the audience about their work. They ask subscribers to share their impressions of the channel. Read about how to shoot such videos in this article.

How to make a reaction to a video from Tik Tok

It is not difficult to make a reaction to Tik Tok. First, the user must download the application for gadgets, and then:

If after watching the video you did not like it, then delete it by tapping the arrow with the cross.

What is duo reaction?

Tiktok app users can create Duets. One part is filmed by one blogger, the second by another. After recording, click the Share button. Then select “Duet”. A partner can do the same.

Pozzy reaction

For inspiration and understanding of how to shoot really high quality and interesting Reactions, check out the work of the blogger Pozzi. His videos have garnered over 2,000,000,000 views thanks to trolling. He searches for clips from other authors, comments on them amusingly. Will not come up with anything supernatural – just stands near the microphone. But he uses interesting effects, makes fun of jokes and jokes a little. Charisma and a high level of acting skills are constantly increasing his popularity.

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Alex Fox and Svasti Gee’s reaction

Alex Fox shoots reactions to his own videos, where he self-critically criticizes them, compares them with the works of other bloggers on similar topics. He also just sits at the microphone, watches the video and comments on what is happening. But he trolls so skillfully that it is impossible not to watch it to the end. During the shooting, he reads reviews, gives answers to questions and in every possible way supports feedback from his subscribers.

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Svasti Gee is the blogger who directed Girls Gone Away and The Girl Is Jealous. The real name of the blogger is Zlata Kalyagina. She loves to laugh at others, but without tough trolling. Commenting on Video, voicing the number of views at the moment and telling the camera what she thinks about him. Since the clips are mainly shot by teenagers, there are many topics for discussion – attempts to seem like adults against the background of passing parents, sexual overtones and feigned aggressiveness.

Reaction is the easiest and free way to increase your followers and views. Hopefully, putting a hashtag with the name of a famous blogger will increase the level of interest of users of the social network.

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