What is SMM or how social media marketing works

Today we will answer the question of what SMM is and how it works. The abbreviation SMM stands for Social Media Marketing, which in turn translates as Social Media Marketing.

In essence, SMM is everything that is somehow connected with promotion and promotion on social networks. The main platforms for promotion are usually Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook and Odnoklassniki.

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Why is this relevant? There are more than 65 million users of various social networks in Russia. According to polls conducted by Statista, Russians use YouTube most actively, VKontakte is second, and Odnoklassniki is third. Facebook and Instagram are slightly behind.

If there are so many people on social media, marketers certainly use it. Using social networks to attract customers is the main essence of SMM.

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How does SMM work?

Social media marketing involves many methods of working. The most popular of them are creating groups and accounts on behalf of companies and brands, targeted advertising, working with influencers (bloggers) and content creation.

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The main focus is on creating useful content that subscribers will share. It is believed that posts on social networks generate more trust among potential customers.

SMM allows you to more accurately customize advertising to the desired audience, choose where and in what quantity this advertisement will be shown.

Note that promotion in social networks is relevant not only for goods and services. Many media outlets use social media marketing to attract new and loyal readers.

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When SMM appeared in Russia

In fact, there is no exact date when social media was first used to attract customers. After all, you need to take into account that before the advent of Instagram and VKontakte, there were such as “My World”, “I” and “My Space” abroad.

Many agree that the concept originated in the early 2000s, when the Internet became widespread. In Russia, this direction of marketing has been developing since 2008. First of all, this is due to the rapid growth of VKontakte and the absence of any restrictions, for example, you could invite all your friends to the group at one time.

But as a separate direction, to which attention began to be paid, SMM began to appear in the early 10s, and somewhere in 2012-13 it acquired a cut and certain canons.

Business promotion using SMM

How to understand whether SMM is necessary for my company

To understand whether you need SMM, answer the question Why do you need promotion on social networks? If there is no clear understanding of what tasks you can solve and what goals to achieve, then with a high degree of probability you will not achieve the desired result. It makes no sense to start social networks to make it simple.

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How to understand whether SMM is necessary for my company

Typically SMM is used to solve the following tasks:

  • tell about your products and services;
  • collecting feedback, working with negative;
  • organization of traffic flow to the site;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • and much more.

Make your list of tasks, and then decide whether you need SMM.

Agencies and SMM specialists

With the emergence of a new field in marketing, people have appeared who are specialists in it. They help businesses drive social media and attract new customers.

Also, there are entire agencies that specialize in social media marketing.

Pros and cons of SMM


  • The ability to communicate with the client directly. If the client has objections, you can close them in private messages or in the comments.
  • Huge audience – by logging into social networks you get access to a million audience.
  • Minimum start-up costs – registration and group creation on any social network is free.
  • Targeting – using targeting or special parsing programs, you can easily find your target audience by parameters: age, gender, interests.
  • Development of functionality – many updates appear every year: payment systems within the network, the ability to post goods, publish articles, etc.


  • The result requires constant work: daily posting, content creation, and so on.
  • There is no 100% guarantee of the result – no serious specialist will guarantee you the achievement of a certain result.
  • High competition – it becomes more difficult to stand out from the competition as more and more companies create accounts and launch ads.
  • Increase in value – as a consequence of the previous item, the cost increases. The more players on the court, the more you have to spend on the fight for the client.
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Why SMM doesn’t work

Most often, the problems lie in the selection of personnel and the choice of a promotion strategy. Either the course in which your social networks is moving is incorrectly determined, or you have weak performers.

It will take a lot of time to promote a new group, since the competition in social. networks every day more and more.

However, the demand for skilled SMM specialists, just grows every day. That’s all, actually, regarding the question of what is SMM. In our next articles, we will definitely tell you about all its components in more detail.

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